Advice For Relationships – Taking Account Of Where You Are And Where You Are Going

Have you ever taken on a project and realized that it is bigger than you ever dreamed? I spent the entire day today working with a business partner on a product that we hope to bring to the market near the beginning for the 2011 season. This project literally began over a cup of coffee and some brainstorming back a few months ago. Now it has grown into something much bigger than either one of us alone. Relationships can be like that…

Bigger than you ever dreamed! When you first met I bet you had no idea you would be where you are today. Are you married, have children, or have been seeing one another for a long time. There may have been hopes, but there is a good chance that neither of you thought it out this far on your first date.

Bigger than either of you! True relationships grow outside of the two people. When it comes to the game of life family and friends are partners that are essential. Things are complicated more when children are involved. With kids we start to see that there is more to life than what we want. Children teach us many things, but one important thing they teach us is that life is bigger than just us.

Better than you ever hoped! Can you honestly say that? Can you say that things turned out better than you hoped? Maybe you can, but maybe you cannot. Maybe life has thrown you some hard times and things are worse than you had planned for. You need to work as a team, come together and strategize a solution to your mess that you find yourself in. My business partner is the ideas guy, I am the action guy. We are a good partnership because of that. In your relationship determine which of you holds those roles, and play them to their fullest.

Life is hard sometimes, other times you are able to sit back and realize just how blessed you have it. No matter what situation you find yourself in there is one thing that hold out to always be true. Life is about change! Things do not stay the same. If you are comfortable now, there may be a storm coming so prepare. If you are in the storm, joy comes in the morning. Hold on for one more day!