African Recipe

Caribbean foods draw a lot from French, American Indian, African, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch and Indian cuisines. Caribbean cuisine derives its vivacity from its migrant food culture. The migrants improvised their foods based on the availability of the components. These days these foods have turn out to be signature identities of the regions exactly where the migrant populations reside in massive numbers.

Rice is the staple dish of the island, and Caribbeans prepare various dishes using it. Generally a rice preparation is accompanied by tasty sauce or beans. Though rice is a staple diet of the island, still the approach of preparation varies from area to yet another. Mainly coconut, beans, and peas are added as rice seasonings. The brown and yellow colored rice is primarily employed as the side dish.

Caribbean cuisine is marked for its meat preparations. Goat meat is savored throughout the island with considerably fancy and enjoy. French Caribbean, Jamaican, Guadeloupean, and Haitian populations get pleasure from goat meats. Caribbean goat meat stew has been chosen as the official national dish of Montserrat. This tomato primarily based goat meat stew is also the signature dish of St. Kitts and Nevis. Other than goat meat, dumplings (droppers), breadfruit and green pawpaw or papaya are the other ingredients employed in the preparation of the stew. Similarly Callaloo is a popular green dish which is savored and favored all through the Caribbean islands. Vegetables like okra and other greens are used in the preparation of the dish. Anglophone Caribbean, or Cook-Up or Pelau is one more well-liked meat dish which is enjoyed all through the Caribbean Islands. The fleshy ingredients like beef, pigeon peas, chicken, saltfish, or vegetables are utilised in preparation of the dish. Other than that goat curry and chicken is well-liked throughout the Anglophone Caribbean islands.

Caribbeans are biased towards spicy and sharp flavors, since they use left over meats to prepare a number of dishes. As a result sharp and spicy flavors are utilized although preparing the dishes. Caribbean’s use allspice, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and lime to flavorise their food preparations.

Caribbean’s are also fond of seafood and numerous dishes are produced using lobster, conch, and sharks. A fried shark sandwich is served throughout Trinidad and Tobago, other than that cascadura fish and crab preparations are also popular all through the island. Similarly conch preparation is common throughout Haiti, Bahamas and Belize. Deep fried fritters are another signature dish of the island.. The batter for the fritter is prepared by mixing seasonings, minced meat, and dough.