African Recipes ? A Succinct Writeup On Caribbean Culinary And Its History

Caribbean recipes are hugely influenced by French, African, East Indian, American Indian, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, and Indian food cultures. Migrants introduced this food culture to the island. Later these migrants developed their own food culture , which have today assumed the status of regional foods.

Caribbeans are in awe of rice,so they churn out various rice preparations. These rice preparations are accompanied by beans and sauce. Although rice is a staple diet of the island, still the method of preparation varies from region to another. Coconuts, peas and beans are used for seasoning the rice. The brown and yellow colored rice is mainly served as the side dish.

Caribbean cuisine can boast of large number of succulent and tasty meat preparations. Goat meat is savored throughout the island with much fancy and love. Guadeloupean, Haitian, Jamaican and French Caribbean populations enjoy goat meats. Caribbean goat meat stew has been chosen as the official national dish of Montserrat. This tomato based goat meat stew is also the signature dish of St. Kitts and Nevis. Other than goat meat, green pawpaw or pappaya, dumplings (droppers) and breadfruit are the other ingredients used in the preparation of the stew. Similarly Callaloo is a throughout vegetarian recipe, which is prepared and savored throughout the island. It is prepared using various types of green leafy vegetables like okra. This dish is hugely inspired from the African cuisine. Another popular meat dish savored throughout the island is Anglophone Caribbean, which is also known as “Cook-up”, or Pelau. Pelau is prepared by combining various meats like chicken, saltfish, beef or pigeon peas or vegetables and rice. Chicken and curry goat are savored throughout the Anglophone Caribbean islands.

Caribbean’s are fond of sharp and spicy flavors and most of the dishes are tilted towards either of these flavors. Caribbean’s largely use the left over meats to prepare several dishes and they spike it with sharp spices to make them tasty and appeasing. Caribbean’s use lime, garlic, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon to flavorise their food preparations.

Caribbean’s are also fond of seafood and various dishes are made using lobster, conch, and sharks. Cascadura fish, crab, and fried shark sandwich are the signature dishes of this green island. Other than that people are cook up various seafood preparations which are inspired by migrant food cultures. Similarly conch preparation is savored throughout Haiti, Bahamas and Belize. Deep fried fritters are also lovingly savored throughout the island. The batter for the fritter is prepared by mixing seasonings, minced meat, and dough.

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