After School Art Programs Offers An Alternative To Delinquent Behavior

The mission of teaching Elementary art education should be to produce well-rounded Children who are capable of thinking on their own in a variety of ways, and After school Art is an important means to that end. Students of all ages benefit a great deal from having the opportunity to development their creative skills in school with after school and summers, After school art and summer programs can provide youth with positive, fun learning experiences that will keep them inspired for a lifetime.

The arts provide a certain Stimulation or enthusiasm that students need in general, but particularly in the after school and summer hours.
Especially in todays world with 28 million school-age children having parents who work outside the home, and as many as 15 million latch-key children Concern for childrens safety and need for extended learning beyond school hours has created an explosion in high quality after school programs

Research shows high risk students are more likely to stay in school because Elementary Art Education allows for individual expression and demonstration of their work, And provides an alternative option to delinquent behavior resulting in an improved attitude towards school, about themselves and the future.

Art education programs not only nurtures the development of cognitive, but also with social and personal competencies as well. While many types of after school programs provide important access to childrens learning and social development, those that include the arts add a special quality. For example, extra time allowed for after school art education give students more opportunities for self-expression or development of their abilities in one or more art forms.

Art actually helps develop many types of intelligences necessary to experience and understand today’s complicated world. Teaching to the right side of the brain (responsible for all imaging and visualizing aspects of learning), developing learning and creative skills that enhance student performance in all areas. Countless Studies show there is a significant correlation between the arts and student development and academic achievement in all areas of study (including math, reading, languages, science and writing). This is especially true for children in their early elementary school years.

Finally, Art Education Programs ” can improve school attendance, engagement in learning, raise test scores and improve grades, keep kids safe, enhance social skills and self-esteem, and make life easier for working families,”

If you are looking for an After school art program for your school.
There are many resources available online.
Do your research, the one I found to be exceptional with great reviews is the DVD Elementary Art Education programs offer by Arts attack

The California After School Resource center has reviewed an Identified Arts Attacks visual Arts Curriculum as High Quality for their after school art programs

Because Arts Attack has been selected by CASRC for after school. Their Program has now been included in the CASRC library for use. has a user friendly award wining DVD program for the classroom teacher, or parent volunteer and is offering a Free DVD with 3 lessons

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