After The Relevant Home Appliance Chain Stores In The End Where To Go?

According to the latest filing shows the first 9 months of this year

States United States A total of 158 closed stores of poor operating efficiency,

Suning Replacement of electrical appliances on or off over the same period also of 45 stores. Just at this point, shopping centers, direct marketing KTV to start into home appliances

Sell Area. After years of rapid development after the Happy Valley area of Gome, Suning, and other traditional home appliance chain giant has begun to seek a breakthrough home appliance chain path.

outlets to increase profit drop Theory, the chain network can generate bigger the scale, by focusing on procurement, centralized management, centralized

Marketing And centralized distribution, lower transportation costs. But in fact, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities, due to local over-concentration in the home appliance chain, close stores or even irrational competition, resulting in high operating costs such as store rent, operating profit should be due to malignant reduce competition, but does not reflect the scale.

A home appliance industry, told reporters cited the following example, when a city is only a small appliance store several hours, each additional outlets may be a market share will increase; but stores in a region close to saturation, then the effect of adding a network is quite weak. At present in Beijing, only Suning, Gome, the number of large and medium stores the Big Three had more than 150, Shanghai 160 home appliance stores, so the density of competition makes the home appliance giants new stores bring the manufacturers of new profits slotting allowance may have been less than such costs. In this regard,

TV Giant Skyworth Group, Chairman of the Board Zhang Xuebin bluntly, “the majority of TV brand in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou this city is not making money!” So, yes, take the initiative to close the store in addition to home appliances store is its own business strategy adjustment, the actual manufacturer is taking the initiative to reduce burdens and improve vendor relations practice.

Single-store sales of only about 100 million yuan

For what the future of home appliance chain in the direction to the development of the giants are exploring their own direction of development. Recently held in Shanghai in a seminar on household appliances retail formats, Paradise on the proposed “Electric SHOPPINGMALL” the concept that to develop large area, a rich category of large household appliances shopping center. According to Wing-lok (China) Sales Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Wei Electric introduced their range of electrical appliances SHOPPINGMALL show the total number of 1.5 million units, equivalent to general home appliance chain store about 3 times, in addition to existing types of appliances, the extension will be the introduction of related products, such as cooking utensils,

Office Supplies , Accessories. For example, he said, in Japan, a large electrical appliance stores and related products on display up to 10 million pieces, annual sales of as much as 1.5 billion yuan, while the domestic home appliance stores in cities with annual sales of about only a single store 100 million yuan or so. Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of North China, told reporters after the Happy Valley area of home appliance chain industry can not be said to take a detour, because only one company achieved a market share of capacity and can truly have the power to fine management. He believes that the future of home appliance chain model will no longer store size, product category as a key, but by consumer demand for the type of sub-stores, such as open stores in malls and open stores in the area residents gathered on in the layout, product category, there were significantly different.

sudden emergence of home network opportunity to purchase

Appliance stores for the traditional self-adjustment, the sudden emergence of home network be purchased this year, China’s largest home appliance retail sector one of the highlights, the new direct selling network appliances for seven days, the century a large number of electrical appliances online shop nets debut this year, or development and growth. In particular, these appliances online mall operators were from the traditional home appliance manufacturer. From a certain perspective, perhaps what they had on the household appliances industry, a deep understanding of circulation patterns and thinking before they are willing to explore a new, more efficient model. Yesterday (Nov. 23) came news of the industry, is preparing an Taobao vertical 3C appliances website, the fastest will be launched before the Chinese New Year. It is reported that the site will be named “Taobao Electric City”, merchandise sales are not limited to white goods and

Small appliances

Will also include digital mobile phones, computers and spare parts, “as long as the United States has sold the goods Suning Guo, Taobao Circuit City will have to sell.”