Age Spots Treatment And Natural Remedies For Age Spots

Age spots are marks on the outside of the skin that are brown, black, or even gray in color, and range from freckle sized to larger than a centimeter across.

Age spots may appear in a cluster, or alone. They are also recognized as liver spots, and more methodically, solar lentigines. As this last term implies, age spots are typically caused by sun exposure.

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Age spots normally appear on areas of the body that have established prolonged sun exposure, such as the hands, face, shoulders, and arms. Age spots are most general in people over 40, but depending on the amount of sun introduction customary over a period of time, they may also appear in younger individuals.

Age spots (also called liver spots or solar lentigo) are collection of pigment caused by exposure to the sun. They also from time to time result from bruising that leaves blood pigments behind. They are most common in people over age 55.

The spots commonly appear on the hands but can occur almost anywhere, especially sun-exposed areas such as the face, back, arms, feet, shoulder and face. These spots are ordinary on the backs of the hand, face and legs.

Those who tan at length will also have them over the shoulders, back, chest and many other areas of skin. Lentigines are superficial collection of skin pigment called melanin which has accumulated within the top layer of skin called the epidermis.

Age spots are topical and not due to some interior problems so consuming aloe vera orally wouldnt help. Prevention is better than cure always and in this case this phrase hold true because if you use an effective sunscreen then you can avoid age spots all together.

Effectiveness of aloe vera has proven to be really high and well since aloe vera is a skin restorative and reduces pain and hastens the speed in which the sunburn heals.

Though there is no solid proof on how effective it is directly on age spots, but since age spots are caused due to excessive exposure to the sun, using aloe vera regularly may help in a small way to reduce age spots.

Home Remedies for Age Spots

1.Mix one spoon of vinegar with one spoon of olive oil. Let the resolution rest for 5 minutes and apply it on the spots. After half an hour, wash it off with cold water.

2.Grate some papaya and apply it on your face. Let the paste relax your face for 20 minutes, then massage the skin with it. Wash it off with fresh water.

3.Applying yogurt to the skin is one of the most effectual home remedies for age spots.

4.Apply castor oil on the spots twice everyday. Castor oil helps you get rid of the spots immediately.

5.Apply fresh aloe Vera gel on the spots daily and also consume it. This will fade off the spots within a months time.

6.Include a lot of lean protein in your diet.

7.Crush some chick peas, and then mix it with some water. Apply it on the spots and leave it for 10 minutes. Then scrub it off.

8.Mix one spoon of vinegar with one onion juice and apply it on the spots with cotton. Let the solution stay for 30 minutes earlier than you wash it with cold water.