Air Compressor Oil for Proper Maintenance of Your Machinery

Air compressor oil come in many different varieties. And the choice of a particular variety depends on factors like:

Type and construction of the compressor
The gas being compressed
The degree of compression
The final outlet temperature

Amongst all these, factors like gas type and required pressure are the most significant factors for compressor lubricant selection. This is because as temperatures and pressures increase, the stress on the oil increases as well.

There are many different ways in which compressor oil can help in maintaining the air compressors for reliability, durability and for long lasting effect. They can help the air compressors to remain cool, by reducing friction and thus retaining a good thermal conductivity. They also help in reducing operating temperatures, which is very essential for effective results.

One of the common problems in air compressors is that they are prone to corrosion. Good quality compressor oil can help in reducing corrosion by separating the oil from water. Most of these oils also come with rust preventatives that additionally protect air compressor components from corrosion caused by water.

Again, all compressor oil varieties can also go a long way in minimizing sludge, varnish, and lacquer. Most of these oils have detergent in them, which helps in entire oil cleaning system components for controlling carbon build up.

The varieties can now be availed from the online source. Most of the manufacturers of these oils also deal in other lubricants like food grade grease, and lubricant. These food grade oils as the name indicate are advantageous for use even in food processing units. Unlike the prevalent notion that food grade lubricants do not perform better than the normal one, it is not so. They indeed provide maximum protection against wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation. And they are also compatible with rubber and other sealing materials.

Baldwin filters like other filters of its kind play a ‘passive’ role in engine protection. However, they are equally important to keep engines protected and clean and they work great with all lubricating oils including air-compressor-oil.

Coming back to oils and lubricants, it is recommended that before ordering any variety it is necessary that you consider some of the factors like its longevity and the strength of the film. Also keep a tab on the additives that are to be used along with the oils that enhance their overall performance. One word of caution here is that not to use air compressor oil after their operation time limit, as this may result in compressor breakdown in extreme cases.