Air Conditioner Market In 2010: Foreign Investment Out Of Domestic Capital To Go To

Spring Festival this year, after Pescod Shuaixian false start, and continue to edge energy-efficient, energy-efficient cards out again. America’s followed by one in order to increase frequency

Service The Pom, again and again based on service frequency. Oaks will take advantage of Taiwan, singing, set off with the Green China under a green low-carbon “by action”, after the integration of health and responsibility to play the low-carbon card. The Gree, or because of the difficulty level from the market and product innovation, and unexpectedly high-profile talk about China’s innovation, play big “world famous” honor card. Although

Hisense Kelon , Changhong, Galanz and other enterprises have not yet officially released the new product and market strategy, but it sure is, and those available in the market the new business will certainly be different.

A clear strategy in Nanjing Advertisement Planning company for 6 years of editing the reporter to describe the current situation of air-conditioning market, with the time axis to clearly summarize the features of this year, domestic air conditioner market. The company since 2002, was devoted to domestic air-conditioning manufacturers and distributors edit a report entitled “Air Conditioning

Sell “Publications, influential in the industry.

3 26, the traditional air-conditioning in the market season starts on the eve of “air-conditioning sales,” Ove joint consultation in Beijing co-sponsored a “high season starts in China air conditioning industry event,” designed to further market and business this sort of domestic air conditioning market competition and development trend of the characteristics. As the largest air-conditioning agents??

Zhejiang Honest Group Chairman Ye Huizhong also specifically to the business point of view from the channel talked about the characteristics and trend of the market this year.

Second and third line businesses turn this year, overtaking

“Air Conditioning Sales” magazine deputy editor Yanbin that: by the global economic rebound, three key policies to support the property market driven by factors such as warmer, over the 2010 off-season market (in August 2009? February 2010) the whole show is not short off-season sales of state. Frequency, fluorine-free, healthy, smart 2010 industry focus

Energy Environmental protection and other technologies more and more attention by the company, but also to meet consumer demand.

Under “Air Conditioning Sales” on track to judge the market, the domestic air conditioner market in 2010 will be an “increase in volume and quality up to” the development trend. In such a special period of development, the domestic air-conditioning will show “policies to boost the industrial upgrading under the trend is clear,” “product of frequency, no fluoride trend has been created”, “channel innovation and to the increased maturity” “Cost pressures lead to prices rising in tandem,” and so on with the past four characteristics.

Yan-Bin Zhang also pointed out: in 2010 will be an acceleration in corners ahead of the competition, those who have the will to win, there is a realistic development strategy and strong execution as well as tenacity, the company will be the dark horse industry , stand out. The reporter then noted that since last year, Zhi Gao will stick to the confidence heading into the top three, while the Oaks also secretly send power forward extrusion. Hisense Kelon, Glanz also has not given up the pace of progress.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Secretary for Operation Coordination Monitoring Gao Su-mei is that, as a large traditional energy, reduce air conditioning energy consumption in industry, on the implementation of our government’s “Energy Emission Reduction Strategy” and the development of “low-carbon economy” demands, of great significance. Insiders pointed out that high-Su-mei’s remarks were hidden behind the second and third tier of domestic enterprises turn the path of overtaking, but with low carbon wave: G, development of green energy saving products, with the potential from the spin to seize every opportunity for new growth path.

The State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department Director Tsai Ying market information is also considered: hot real estate market by 80 to get married after the peak, national “energy conservation

Huimin “And” appliances to the countryside “policies, air conditioning sales remained relatively stable sales volume. And the 2009 cold season in almost all brands have emerged over the supply shortage situation, the new cold-year season, each of the monthly off-season production with highs in the channel enterprises to actively stocking under the function, I believe in the season and the new air-conditioning refrigeration annual sales growth will remain stable. This further confirms the “Air Conditioning Sales” magazine after the market “increase in volume and quality of l “judgments.

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Ovid Han Yu, director of research and is forecast,