Air Conditioner Units for a Centralized Cooling System

The heat of the summer sun can make your stay at home very uncomfortable. This is where air conditioner units become a necessity. If you have several rooms in a single large dwelling, a centralized cooling system can be your best choice. Usually, a centralized air con is connected to an air duct, which is also used for multiple-room heating.

Why not purchase multiple window-type units?

Window type air cons are designed to work for closed rooms. If you have five bed rooms, means that you will have five machines working all at once. This will greatly increase your electric consumption. Smaller A/Cs are also not suitable for hallways since they cannot cool the place evenly. A centralized system will spare you from the noise of simultaneously working units. It is also easier to maintain.

Modern centralized air conditioner units are also equipped with digital controls and sensors. For example, they sense if the actual temperature is deviating from the pre-set desired temperature of the user (say, the sunlight outside intensifies). The unit will then intensify its cooling processes. On the other hand, it saves power when the temperature is on the desired level. Installing one can be costly, but it will save you more money as the years go by.

Choosing the right size, cooling capacity and cost:

The best way is to hire an experienced HVAC contractor. The capacity of the A/C depends on the size of the house, number of rooms, people and working appliances. The power requirement will also vary depending on the insulation of the house and number of windows. It is really hard to estimate the cost on your own, so it becomes a game of choosing the right contractor. Read reviews and ask friends before choosing a contractor service. After all, this is an important investment that will increase the market value of your house.

To give you an idea, centralized air conditioner units for a 2500 sq. ft. house will cost around $ 3500-given that there is an existing ductwork. If no air ductwork is present, the cost can go beyond $ 8000.