Air Conditioning, Heating, and Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats contribute to overall system performance, maximizing energy savings while providing complete comfort control. They also allow flexibility to homeowners because they can be programmed to match their lifestyle. Programmable thermostats save energy by turning down the cooling and heating system at night or at times when your home is typically unoccupied.

Did you know that properly using a programmable thermostat in your home is one of the easiest ways you can save energy, money. Homeowners can save about $ 180 a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings. They can achieve significant energy and money savings that are possible through the proper use of your programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats do two things: (1) Compare the thermometer reading of a room’s temperature to the “ideal” thermostat temperature you select. (2) Give start-and-stop commands to the heating or cooling system in order to achieve an indoor temperature that is as close to your “ideal” thermostat setting as possible.

Your savings will largely depend on the length of your energy saving program periods and the temperatures set. For example, an energy saving period of 10 hours with the temperature set back 10° will save more than a 5 hour energy saving period with the temperature set back 5°. By maintaining the highest or lowest required temperatures for four or five hours a day instead of 24 hours, a programmable thermostat can pay for itself in energy saved within four years. A programmable thermostat will keep you and your home comfortable while you are there to enjoy it, and will change the set point at programmed times to an energy savings level when you are not home. The precise temperature control of a programmable, energy-saving thermostat saves wear and tear on high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment by properly cycling the equipment. A programmable thermostat will keep you and your home comfortable while you are there to enjoy it, and will change the set point at programmed times to an energy savings level when you are not home.

Controlling your heating more effectively could save you up to 17% on your heating costs. In fact, during the winter you can save about 3 percent of your heating costs for every degree you lower your thermostat. Begin lowering your heating bill immediately with the pre-programmed 7-day schedule, or modify the programming to suit your lifestyle. By delivering the heating or cooling when you need it, and optimizing temperature for activity, sleep and times you are away you can maximize your comfort level and save energy.

According to the Department of Energy, a programmable thermostat can reduce heating costs by up to 35% and cooling costs by up to 25%. In fact, for about every 2 degrees you set your cooling thermostat higher, you can cut 3-5% from your air conditioning costs. The key is to establish a program that automatically reduces heating and cooling in your home when you don’t need as much. In hot weather, the thermostat turns your cooling system on when the temperature in your home rises beyond your chosen comfort level. By keeping your house warmer than normal when you are away, and lowering the thermostat setting to 78 degrees only when you are at home and need cooling.

Programmable Thermostats are one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut energy costs. Programmable Thermostats offer a low cost, low effort way to save on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort. There are lots of different programmable thermostats with different features. Learn all you can about programmable thermostats so you’ll be ready to compare models and find the one that is right for you. The next generation of programmable thermostats will include the ability to remotely access, monitor, and program your home’s climate.