Air To Water Heater: A New Choice Of Life Saving And Environmental Protection

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Air can Water heater In recent years, new technology, currently in southern China has been widely used.

Air heat pump central hot water unit (Air-SourceHeatPumpHotWaterUnit) is the world’s pioneering use of new energy sources the best equipment is one of the following Boiler , Gas water heater, electric water heaters and Solar water heaters Preparation of a new generation of hot water after the installation. In an increasingly tight energy supply today, the air heat pump hot water unit with its efficient energy-saving, environmental protection, security and many other advantages to promote rapid market; beauty already has high-temperature thermal cycling straight series, the temperature cycle series, family series hot water unit, fully satisfy the hotel, restaurant, school, factories, mining, hospitals, bath center, villas, houses, etc hot water needs.

Unit under the reverse Carnot cycle principle, to a small power-driven to Refrigerants As the carrier stream to absorb the air or the natural environment is difficult to use low-grade thermal energy (-7-43 ), into high grade heat, to achieve low temperature heat to high temperature heat transfer; then high-grade heat energy released into the water system get hot water (55 , up to 65 ), through the hot water supply pipeline transport to users to meet the water supply, heating demand.

Order to better promote this new energy saving heat pump technology, Guangdong Midea Commercial Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong with the interests of heat pump Co., Ltd., United International Copper Association held a “air can” heat pump hot water energy Miles large-scale activities, through the river north and south, driving around the active use of solar energy, to let more people know to understand and use the air to water heaters, so more people can enjoy the air-water heater energy saving, safety and comfort. Xiao Bian on the following benefits of air with the water heater and the beauty of air introduced to the water heater, for reference.

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Product: Supply of central air to water heater KRS-10G type

Brand: with benefits Model: KRS-10G type Products: Production water temperature: 60 ; produced hot water: 660L / h; Size: 1450 × 705 × 1400mm; air heat pump water heater is to use the heat pump works by using air low heat, heat exchange medium through the middle, and compression into the hot gas, through the circulatory system for water heating pipes, water heater power is only a quarter point. This product has both solar water heater energy saving, environmental protection, safety advantages, but also solved the adoption of solar water heaters rely on the sun heat and install the same shortcomings, because the water heater is to heat transfer through the media, no heating element in contact with water, no electricity the risk of leakage water heater, gas water heater may not explosive and toxic hazards; even less fuel heater emissions caused by air pollution.

With beneficial air to water heater

“Hot water heat pump air conditioning unit with the interests of” 2006 Economic and Trade Commission of Guangdong Province was selected key new technology projects; 2007, take the Guangzhou Technology Bureau of Science and Technology Innovation Fund; is Liwan District Technology Bureau, Economic Bureau technology support program. With the interests of the application of heat pump hot water unit of the National Development and Reform Commission selected cases of energy-saving energy conservation information dissemination center for best practice cases.

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