Alignment Is Key

I have to tell you, alignment is so crucial. Once you have chosen your target, pick a blade of grass or another small object about two feet in front of the ball which is in between your intended target and the ball.


I use this method (watch another Jack Nicklaus video and he’ll do the same)  to help align the clubface at address. From this I can take my stance ensuring that my feet, hips and shoulders are parallel to the intended target. 


If you aim correctly you have a much better chance of hitting a good shot. This is the base for a good repetitive consistent swing and something that I see most amateurs neglect. But the pros consider it one of the most important pre-shot routines.



Let’s tell you a golf club–Ping G15 Hybrid, which is engineered as a high-launching, forgiving alternative to long- and mid-irons. A large internal toe pad expands the perimeter weighting to make it PING’s most forgiving and longest hybrid ever. The stainless steel hybrid’s unique shape features an iron-style face and hosel design which positions the center of gravity closer to the face to increase launch angle and reduce spin. The clean look at address inspires confidence for golfers of all abilities.


Moreover, another club  Ping Rapture Hybrid has the following features:

Multi-material Technology – Club composed of a 17-4 SS body, thin 475 super steel face, and high density tungsten nickel sole. Properly utilizing these materials increases the moment of inertia, making this hybrid more forgiving and also creates higher launch and less spin for a higher but flatter penetrating ball flight. 

Tungsten Nickel Sole – Discretionary weight saved from the thin 475 SS face and other non-high stress areas is put back in the tungsten nickel sole as weight pads that are strategically placed along the back skirt of the club to bring the CG down and back. This provides a hybrid that launches the ball high for soft approach shots, but also has a penetrating trajectory for maximum distance. 


Ping G10 Hybrid is engineered with a sloped crown to create a high-launching, solid feeling, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. Six lofts provide replacement options from the #1 through #6 iron and fairway woods. Discretionary weight from the crown and face is combined into a weight pad running parallel to the ground that positions the center of gravity low and back to increase launch angle and reduce spin.


The variable face thickness design is machined and plasma welded for higher ball velocity and consistent response across the hitting area. The sole design is tapered and the bounce height is increased in the higher lofted hybrids to provide performance from all conditions.