All About Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces

Glow products have brought a revolution to night parties, from party decorations, to colored lighting, glow jewelries to wear, glow cups for serving drinks, to night time games played with glow sticks. They come in a great variety including glowsticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glow bunny ears, glow glasses, glow cups, glow swizzle sticks, glow straw and many more. During summer the weather is nice, and people are out having fun. There are a lot of carnival type events such as July 4th fireworks, county fair, village festivals, not to mention all sorts of concerts & tours around the country. As more of the events are night events, having glow sticks can add a blast to the experience.

Glow sticks work based on chemoluminescent reaction. With the fluorescent dyes added to the chemical mix, glowing colors are created. The two chemicals are Cyalume and hydrogen peroxide. The rate of chemical reaction inside a glow stick is affected by temperature. In high temperature, glowsticks glows brighter but for shorter length of time, and in low temperature, glowsticks are dimmer but glow longer. As a lighting source, glowsticks have been used by campers as makeshift lamps and by scuba divers as makeshift lamps. In after dark parties, having glow products around can help guests keep track of their cups, belongs, chips etc.

As glow necklaces and bracelets are really thin, they are fragile and therefore should be handled with ease to avoid activating them accidentally. They should be kept in tubes until they are ready to be used. Glow necklaces are easy to play. Simply snap the 22″ long glow sticks and connect the two ends of the sticks with the connectors provided to make a hoop. The diameter of the hoop is about 7″, so it can fit on everyone’s neck. When purchasing glow necklaces, it is important to know the time when they were made, as they do have a shelf life of approximately one year. Freshly made glow necklaces have better qualify. If you find unusual low prices for glow products, you should inquire about the quality. Low quality glowsticks will only bring disappointment to the users. Decoration made with glowsticks will be a great mood shaper with a cool edge. Glow necklaces are elastic and bendable, so with some tapes or some frames, you can create your own creative design with them and other glow products like bracelets.