All About Stomach Cancer

Stomach is a body organ that is responsible for breaking down the food into semi-solid state. The glands within the stomach produce several chemicals/enzymes that help in the digestion of the food. Formation of cancerous tissue within the stomach is known as stomach cancer.As with any other disease, there are certain factors that make you more susceptible to developing stomach cancer. So, just what does make us have a higher risk of developing stomach cancer? There are several risk factors, and many of them can be controlled. The leading risk factors include: smoking, obesity, poor diet etc. Statistics show that 816 million of those infected with H Pylori bacterium right now will develop a stomach ulcer in their lifetime.

Early diagnosis can occasionally be achieved if warning signals such as intestinal bleeding are immediately investigated.Early clues to stomach cancer are chronic dyspepsia and epigastric discomfort, followed in later stages by weight loss, anorexia, a feeling of fullness after eating, anemia and fatigue. Foods, which include nitrates, are also of concern among cancer researchers. Foods such as hot dogs, certain deli meats, bacon and ham contain substances known to cause stomach cancer, as does red meat, and smoked or salted foods.Vitamin C can prevent nitrosamine formation and therefore fresh fruits should be substituted in the diet for foods that produce nitrosamine.Initially, the cancer stays well within the bounds of the stomach. Slowly, but surely, it will spread to other regions that are in close proximity to the stomach.By the time these distinct symptoms occur, the cancer can metastasize to other organs in the body, such as the esophagus, lungs, lymph nodes, liver, small intestine or colon. Unfortunately, this occurs to eight to ninety percent of stomach cancer patients.Problems with bowel movements can also be a sign of stomach cancer.

Many people have constant constipation and diarrhea. Blood in bowel movements points towards stomach cancer as well.When your stomach excretes high levels of gastrin, a condition called hypergastrinemia, you become more susceptible to stomach cancer. How can excess gastrin be excreted? Chemotherapy drugs kill the cancer cells or prevent dividing. Doctors perform chemotherapy by mouth by intravenous infusion, or by direct introduction into the spine, organs, abdominal cavity, etc.Although some of these symptoms can also be symptoms of a stomach virus or gastric ulcer, if you have even the slightest feeling that it could be cancerous, then go to your doctor.Hypnosis is an excellent tool to do this and to give you instant results which is what you or your loved one is going to need. There are many hypnosis sessions that you can download from the Internet and use immediately in your own home.

Eight weeks after the study was conducted the group of people that ate the broccoli sprouts, had the levels of H pylori remeasured and their levels had gone back to the same level as before pre-treatment. If you have not been diagnosed with stomach cancer, but are concerned you may be at risk, you should know that a couple diet and cancer links have been established. Stomach cancer appears to be linked to a diet high in salt-preserved foods and excessive intake of salt.