All About Web Hosting – The Essentials

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting refers to the housing of a website. When a website is created the desired contents of that site, like videos music, written content, flash animation, banners, borders, images, etc, will be placed at a storage facility which is provided by one of the vendor companies. Every website needs a web host in order for it to be available online for visitors to see it.

 If you create a website, you can do this on your own computer at home, but if you want it to be seen on the internet you have to upload it to a server, which is a powerful computer where all your web pages are stored. From here anyone with your website address can find it and view your pages.  The company who provide the server for you are your web host. After once signing up for one such facility provider, it is rather easy to make content updates for that site. It can be done by just sending the updates to the facility provider, who makes the changes appear on the site.

Web Hosting is a process involving paid provision of a computer space for storage of web sites and its pages. It also involves enabling of your pages and files to be downloaded by visitors to your site. This service is known as the provision of ‘bandwidth’. Whenever a visitor visits your website, that person is only accessing data stored at vendor storage i.e., files from storage (more precisely server) are being downloaded. Hence there is data transfer. Here comes into act a provision called ‘Bandwidth’. Bandwidth is just a measure of the rate of data transfer over a certain period of time.

There is a direct cost involved in both storing your pages and allowing them to be downloaded, so web hosts will charge you and pricing will be based on the amount of storage and data transfer you require. There are various packages available on many web hosting sites, with different options which include varying amounts of ‘disc space’ (storage) and ‘bandwidth’ (data transfer).

There are different types of web hosting services provided by various vendors:

Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

The most popular one being shared web hosting where the server space is shared among various users. But it also has shortcomings like one the user occupying majority of resources which may affect the quality of hosting.

The dedicated private web site hosting is another type of web hosting service, also called Managed or Turnkey. Here every user rents out a dedicated server individually and a little assistance is also provided via URL. The quality of the service also depends on the service provider.