All The Grace And Beauty Of An Historic Victorian Bed And Breakfast

Vacation time should equate to time for relaxation, no matter where you choose to go. Luxurious hotels and rustic cabins are the choices of many people looking for a weekend getaway or even a long vacation. Consider an historic Victorian bed and breakfast for your next getaway.

The Victorian era is often seen as very romantic and relaxing. Homes consisted of grand rooms decorated with a variety of rich colors and designs. Victorian style decorating has made a big comeback in previous years. Some bed and breakfast inns have chosen to add the grace and beauty of Victorian decor to their inn.

Victorian style decor takes us back in time to a time of wealth and excessive living. We may not consider wearing dated clothing, but simply being in an historic Victorian bed and breakfast takes our imagination to a time of plenty. Relaxation seems to come naturally in luxurious parlors and libraries with real working fireplaces.

Fireplaces in authentic Victorian bed and breakfast inns aren’t usually gas; they’re real fireplaces that use wood or coal to feed the flame. Dark wooden accents trim staircases and crown molding adorns the space where the tall ceilings meet delicately papered walls. Rich and vibrant colors of the period bring a sense of total relaxation to visitors.

Things to Look for in a Bed and Breakfast

The appeal may seem obvious, but for people who are planning their first trip to an historic bed and breakfast may need a little help. Certain things must never be overlooked whereas others are considered niceties instead of necessities. Here is our list of recommendations when choosing the best bed and breakfast.

Outward Appearance: No one wants to spend their vacation in a rundown mess of a house. The outward appearance must be one of elegance and grace. Full, lush flower gardens in full bloom add a gorgeous touch; providing you’re not allergic.

Furnishings: Period pieces are best. Rich colors, plush settees, and vibrant accessories are a requirement. Antiques are preferred decor in most historic mansions or inns. Vases of gorgeous fresh flowers are a wonderful finishing touch to any Victorian decor.

Parlors and Libraries: These rooms should be extravagantly furnished and cozy. Clutter is not acceptable, but graciously furnished is perfect. Colors should coordinate beautifully, if not match. Window coverings should be light and airy and compliment the furnishings.

Niceties: Many niceties include Egyptian cotton sheets on modern, comfortable mattresses. Romantically decorated bedrooms with private baths are very nice. Historic reenactments of important historical events are a great way to spend the afternoon. Authentic balls held in the ballroom add a very romantic touch for couples looking to rekindle the fires of romance.

Before You Travel

Don’t book your romantic getaway with just any Victorian bed and breakfast. Locate one that has everything you want or need. Call in advance and visit the websites of those you consider. Ask a lot of questions and request photos if possible. BOLA TANGKAS