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The figure items tagged with full wrap, full-wrap labels have the following characteristics: good contractility and contraction rate; good mechanical properties; excellent transparency and printability. Currently, more and more use of printed shrink film packaging manufacturers to replace the traditional transparent film. As printed shrink film can improve the appearance of the product grade, favorable product advertising, brand mark can have a profound impression on the minds of consumers. Full wrap labels currently used materials mainly. OPS and PET, and these than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has a higher shrinkage and workability, and PVC is not conducive to recycling, does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Abroad, especially in Europe, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic film has been banned in the packaging field, especially in Food Packaging use.

Full wrap labels Polyester (PET) shrink film can be easily recovered, non-toxic, odorless, good mechanical properties, in particular, is in line with environmental protection and so on, in developed countries, polyester (PET) has become replaced by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shrink ideal substitute for film.

Introduced to the following specific characteristics of OPS heat shrinkable films, are summarized as follows: After heating plastics transparent, so that the rigidity of polymer chains to improve and increase the intermolecular forces, then at room temperature shows that hard, transparent features. Optical performance of the OPS, but the main one is that it can all wavelengths of visible light through, making the OPS high gloss film, these two points is the labeling of the basic requirements of the material, no a certain rigidity,

Trademarks not quite certain degree, it can not meet the continually increasing speed sleeve labeling machine requirements. Similarly, the thin film of high transparency, easy-to-color features has made the mark for the fine laid the foundation to design a variety of different shapes and patterns of label.

Shrinkage rate to make up for the traditional Inflation OPS shrink film process defects, its lateral shrinkage of up to 80%, this high shrinkage rate target, can mark the containers in different shapes to achieve body-fitted, highlights the shape of the container to make the packaging more vivid, I can get cracking and sealing riot health effects.

Steady shrinkage in the case of OPS shrink when the change process, fully in line with the process of heating trademark form, of the container and the filling Beverages Will not lead to a greater impact can be seen in the label’s use of energy has not increased but rather decreased slightly. Similarly, the low natural shrinkage, this shrink film to promote the use of a qualitative leap with. As the OPS shrink film at 60 below ambient temperature, almost no shrinkage, which makes use of heat shrinkable film occurs during the transport, storage, packaging, a series of short films validity confusion and problems solved, provide for the labeling technical security and creating conditions to reduce costs.

OPS OPS heat shrinkable films environmental protection environmental film adaptation, this is the development of a new power source material, but also as an alternative to PVC label materials is an important reason. With the development of world economy, a sustainable, environmentally friendly ideas and requirements in recent years continued to deepen and spread, the so-called sustainable is to effectively and restrained use of resources in both development of new products or changes made recycling into the energy of such a requirement.

OPS and PVC stand out compared to a, it not only can be recycled, even if the trademark can be printed later burned into energy, because of its non-toxic and tasteless so I do not have any harmful gases, it will not produce any pollution. PVC on the contrary can not burn because of chlorine (chlorine gas produced by incineration will destroy the ozone layer), even though recovery, due to higher cost recovery, while the re-use of the gold content is too low, but not worth the candle.

OPS OPS shrink film the economic practicality of technical indicators in addition to the advanced nature beyond its economic utility is not negligible: OPS low density of material; pre-processing and re-film the process of plastination, OPS crystallization points (commonly known as fish eyes) little to bring to the print production due to reduced grain yield points and the problem fundamentally changed; because of its smooth and good, you can completely change the past, only PVC shrink film narrow issue of printing to meet the requirements of wide high-speed printing, thereby improving efficiency due to the producers to bring the effect of reducing costs.

As OPS film shrinkage rate and intensity, with a variety of different shapes of containers tightly, so not only to design beautiful patterns, but also meet a variety of different form novel use of packagings. The material non-toxic tasteless, resistant to oil, meet the food hygiene standards, allowing designers to use eye-catching color, label design to achieve 360 degrees, give full play to the creativity and imagination, making beverages or other goods on the label in the use of more vivid images, highlighting the image of the supermarket shelves, resulting in an unexpected effect of the container. BOLA TANGKAS