AllBusiness and What It’s All About

AllBusiness presents itself as an ally for anyone involved in small business. You might have heard of it as a system that as a source of business resources and information. It was conceived as a Bun and Bradstreet subsidiary and is known to provide an extensive array of business related content such as legal agreements and forms in addition to business articles and videos. It is presented as the digital arm of Dun and Bradstreet and provides free sponsor supported research materials and resources. Putting all of this aside though, is it all cut out as it is presented to be and what is it actually all about? Let’s take a closer look.

The home page of functions as a road map in your search of any business tips and advice. There are key articles dominantly placed on the home page and links for seeking new customers in various markets. There is also a link to check out the latest business insights via twitter. At the lower portion of the page, there are more articles classified by subjects starting from “Business credit to Women in Business”. This section of the home page can prove relatively useful for finding business tips and advice relevant to the kind of industry you are engaged in. The great thing about all this is the fact that you can access all of this information at no cost at all.

The database of AllBusiness includes more than 14 million profiles of various companies which can be viewed via the “company profile” section. This particular section provides you with listings categorized by industry, city, state, number of employees and amount of sales. It can be useful for a small business owner looking for a listing to confirm information about a specific company. They can even input the name unto the database search for quick and easy reference.

AllBusiness also provides you with assistance in acquiring and filing required forms for small businesses. This feature can be accessed via the website’s “Forms” section and provides you with a host of legal agreements and form sorted by category to fit typical business needs. However, unlike the other sections of AllBusiness, there is a fee for using these forms which you can then download on your computer under MS word format. These forms can be really useful even if you don’t have access to professional counsel because they are still an essential requirement for your business.

One other section of the AllBusiness website that requires a fee prior to access being granted is the report section which features concepts and well prepared business plans you can use to create feasibility reports and use as basis for planning you business ventures.

Aside from the mentioned features of the AllBusiness website, it also maintains a blogging system in which several bloggers post their personal takes on different areas of operating a business. These are arranged via business topic for convenient reference. AllBusiness also features an “Ask the Expert” section where you can post your business predicaments that can be answered by an expert on that specific field. You may also occasionally find a response to your question which was already answered in the past for a business owner who was facing the same predicament as you are now.

Overall, AllBusiness presents a useful resource for having your business up and running. There is a lot of information you can find here at no cost on your part. Although the process of navigating through the website to find the answers that you seek can be quite a complicated matter, it would certainly speed up things if you know what you are looking for.