Amazing Miracles and Miraculous Healings When a Committed Leader Obeys and Serves and Leads!

Would you like to visit western Turkey and walk down the beautiful ancient streets of Ephesus? Having been on a leadership training Tour there it was a privilege to view the amazing archeological finds, and the architectural remains, which have been so finely preserved.

For three months in Ephesus, two thousand years ago, Paul spoke boldly and argued persuasively that Jesus Christ is Saviour, Lord and King, only to be confronted with obtuse obstinate unbelief.

God gave Ephesus opportunities galore, resulting in rejection by prejudiced minds, closed hearts and open rebellion. Many refused to have Jesus Christ telling them what to do and how to live, yet it is impossible to improve upon God’s ways.

There were those who wished to learn.

God always has had a group of people who want to know more and draw closer to Him.

Paul took those who were thirsty and keen, into the lecture hall, where he taught them from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. Here is spiritual leadership with quality and commitment, and a man who was prepared to make a real investment in these men’s lives.

We can read all about this in Acts Chapter 19, in the New Testament part of the Bible.

Do take time to read the actual text because there can be a very special blessing for those who make the effort to read and study the Word of God.

When those who normally occupied the lecture hall were resting and sleeping and having a siesta, Paul was presenting the facts and truths about Jesus Christ and developing the newly found faith of these men and women, observing them grow and mature. What a lesson! When so many were sleeping those in Christ were working, learning and studying.

He carried out this exhausting daily seminar for two years, and all who lived in that area heard the Word of God. That does not imply everyone welcomed, believed and received what God was saying and doing, but they all had the opportunity.

God began to use faithful, loyal, obedient Paul in a remarkably new dimension.

Handkerchiefs and aprons were brought to this praying apostle. When these pieces of cloth were later taken to the sick, people were cured of various illnesses and delivered from evil spirits. Miracles happened.

Faith was strong, and Almighty God always honours faith. These were the results and consequences of Paul’s dynamic leadership. We never know what will happen when, in Christ, we take risks and obey our calling.

When the Holy Spirit gets into people and comes upon people, this precipitates surprising consequences.

There were opportunities galore of various kinds. There always are.

Is this another opportunity which the living God is presenting before you to encourage and stimulate you to develop, grow and mature in some new exciting and relevant way?

Sandy Shaw