Ambigram Tattoos and Other Calligraphic Tattoo Designs

Calligraphic Tattooing

Of all the types of tattoos which have become popular in recent years, tattoos which feature various forms of ornate writing are among the most visually stunning. Oftentimes, these are ambigram tattoos that can be read backwards, forwards or upside down and which will still spell out the same word. Calligraphic art is one of the oldest and most established of forms and the effect is really quite elegant. Because most of these tattoos are monochrome, they are also usually very inexpensive yet have as much impact as a tattoo that may cost thousands of dollars. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a word can say more than a thousand pictures.

An ambigram may be created in advance or by a tattoo artist on the spot. Keep in mind that this is a very advanced form of art and one would generally do well to select one beforehand. The ambigram must immediately spell out the same work when viewed from any direction which means that the letters must be legible from any angle. It is no small trick to create such a device. When it’s done right, however, there are few things with which one can adorn their body which have more visual appeal.

Ambigrams may be a single word or a phrase. What’s more, they need not be restricted to one language. Many alphabets will work for this effect. The type of calligraphy used can vary as much as do individual preferences, as well. If one prefers dense Germanic script, for instance, this can be adapted to the purposes of an ambigram just as can medieval script, modern typography or any other font. A good example of how flexible this form of art truly can be can be found in many company logos which feature modern fonts that spell out ambigrams.

Remember to choose a word that encompasses a part of one’s personality to a significant degree. Words which express a momentary, fleeting emotion are generally not recommended in any regard. For instance, one would likely do well to avoid having the name of a band done in an ambigram as musical tastes tend to change over the course of one’s life. Fundamental beliefs, however can usually be expressed in very direct terms and one of those terms may make an excellent ambigram.

These tattoos are great conversation starters and carry with them an element of literary sensitivity. After all, of all the things which one can choose to adorn one’s body the bearer of one of these tattoos has chosen a word. These tattoos work in most any orientation on the body and in most any part of the body. It may be more attractive where very ornate designs are concerned to have the tattoo placed on a larger part of the body where it can be displayed in all its glory. Smaller ambigrams lend themselves well to the arms and wrists and, in some cases, to a vertical orientation.