America Has A New President, Where Do We Go From Here?

America you have elected Barack Obama to be your next President. The ultimate question is, where do we go from here?

My focus is on your wallet and how will President Elect Obama lead us out of the financial crisis we are in? As of today the answer is, we will not know until he assembles his cabinet and they begin tackling the awesome financial challenges American is currently facing.

Will taxes increase? No one knows the answer to this question because no polices have been proposed because President Obama has to be sworn in before he can make decisions for America.

What about capital gains? Again once President Obama and his cabinet put proposals on the table, we will not know how this will affect us.

Will America become a socialist country? Absolutely not, President Obama will lead from the center and will not be a left wing leader as many speculated during the campaigning phase of the election.

Again, the question is where do we go from here? We have to wait until President Bush leaves office, the transition of power takes place and the cabinet is installed.

In the mean time, what should we do? From a financial perspective we should be optimistic and supportive of our new president and America.

Hold onto your job because this will help you help yourself. We need credit markets to open up even more, especially for small business owners throughout America.

There is an opportunity for us to invest in real estate because of foreclosed houses throughout the United States. Another important point is, we can invest in the stock market because the market has been devalued, meaning you can get into the market at a lower rate.

The real estate market and stock market have been and always will be cyclical. The real estate market will rebound as will the stock market.

Suggestions: Remain optimistic, look, listen and learn everything you can about President Obama’s perspective leadership decisions. Your area of focus should be on his selection for Treasury Secretary and Fed Chairman.

Exit polls revealed, we want the economy fixed and get our country moving again. If the word jobs come to mind, you are right on point because America needs job creation.

Support President Barack Obama, give him a chance to lead us out of this financial crisis. You can do your part by providing solutions to President Obama, your representatives in Congress and local government officials.