America’s Leading Home Appliance System Of Standard Water Purification Machine Reshuffle Soon

6 16 morning, the United States the clear lake water purification equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Foshan City Shunde quality and technical supervision standards and coding the agreement, formally signed the “reverse osmosis water purifier,” and “Ultrafiltration Membrane

Water purifier

“National Standards development cooperation agreement. This marked the

Water appliances

Orderly and healthy development of the industry before moving one step closer.

Lack of clean water standards that prevent development of the industry

Beautiful clear lake water purification equipment Co., Ltd. as the head of the unit, and Shunde quality and technical supervision of common standards and codes developed “reverse osmosis water purifier,” and “Ultrafiltration Membrane water purifier,” the two sets of standards, Gang Cao Qing Wu, general manager of the United States, said the United States is very pleased to take the standard-setting work, and an obligation to improve the standards as soon as possible, making it a milestone in guiding the industry standard.

U.S. standards for lead system water purifier

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2006 10 months, the US’s joint venture with the Han Guoqing lake water purification equipment, beautiful clean lakes company specializing in water purification equipment, development, production and sales. Water industry in more than a year, beautiful clear lakes acutely aware that due to lack of relevant industry standards, making the development of water purification equipment manufacturers in the industry have encountered all kinds of obstruction. On the one hand due to lack of standards, lack of corporate direction in the development of product guidelines. On the other hand the absence of specific standards, some companies a good impression, shoddy, poor-quality low-cost products in the market makes the market, a security risk for consumers. Since the standard lack of quality problems emerge, health substandard products leakage a serious problem of water seepage, which greatly hindered the orderly development of the industry.

Key health indicators into account international standards

The two industry standards as a coordinator and head of the unit, beautiful clear lakes will be based on their advanced experience, combined large water purification equipment manufacturer, full of the most complete and comprehensive program of new standards. As a direct impact on water purification equipment, physical and mental health consumers, standards will focus on health indicators considered key components of wading indicators. In addition, the team will add reference to international advanced standard conditions, so that the standards drawn up to facilitate China’s water companies to go abroad. Develop sound criteria for consumers to purchase water purification products to buy with confidence, use with ease and standardize the development of China’s water industry to improve international competitiveness.

Shunde Quality and Technology Supervision Liu Jie, director of standards and codes that state enterprises in recent years, increased attention to standardization, because the standard allows companies not only produce high quality products and better regulate trade order, and to eliminate low-quality low-cost unfair competition, leading the orderly development of industries. South China hinterland of water appliances, Shunde district has many iconic appliance business, the standard-setting has a more mature experience, the standards will be strictly in accordance with national standards, local Fangguang Fan of practice, is expected to become a nationwide promotion industry standards.

It is understood that standards of quality and technical supervision, Shunde, where the industry standards and code development, certification services, training services, has more mature experience, a professional doctorate, master’s team. Shunde quality and technical supervision standards and codes that will provide authoritative expert service advantage, employ industry experts suggest that guidance, to ensure the development of standards. Beautiful clear lake is a professional manufacturer of water purification equipment, and their R & D leading in the development of standards that has a strong advantage. Agreement between the two, expect powerful combination, to develop a high standard of industry standards.

According to reports, the State Committee for Standardization in 2007 the joint company to develop the industry’s “water purification devices for household and similar use” standard, deputy head of the United States is involved in the development. But this standard wide coverage, related to specific products are not to be comprehensive, a certain lack of interoperability, lack of enterprise significance. Currently the standard has not yet officially launched. New standards, will work out the details of the detailed specifications for the water industry, the development of great significance.


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