An Easy and Fun Cake Decorating Idea

You want a neat cake decorating idea. Well try to bake a two layer cake. Take the cake out of the pan. You can do this by flipping it over on a plate that you put on top of the pan. Use a wet towel if it doesn’t come out real easy. Then freeze the layers.

Now while they are freezing make a nice icing or get your bought icing out. You need two colors one to cover the cake and one for decorating it. These should be two colors with contrast. Maybe a chocolate and white, a yellow and blue something like that.

When the cakes have been in the freezer two hours ice the first top, then put the other on top, ice the sides and now the top.

After you have iced them, take your second color and put in a squeeze bottle, It can be a regular cake decorators tube or maybe a clean catsup bottle. The icing should be a little runny. Add a couple drops of water to it. Stir it good, before adding to bottle. Now make about three circles of icing different sizes on top and about 3 rings around the sides of the cake. This is an easy cake decorating idea. These don’t have to be perfect.

Now with the circles of icing take a toothpick and knife or anything that has a sharp narrow end and just add points down the cake so you get a spider web effect. Just run them all together and it will look like a dripping effect. Just keep messing with it until you like the pattern.

If you have kids in school using school colors might be neat. Add miniature toys like a ball player or something to give a sport effect. Play with this cake decorating idea. It can be used for lots of things in different colors. It is just a basic idea but can be fun.

I hope you enjoyed the cake decorating idea. Use your imagination.