An Easy Way To Enjoy Dvd Movies On Ipad

Since its release, iPad has been hot all the way. And its supply always falls short of demand. People who are lucky enough to get it regard it as the apple in the eye. No matter where they go, they will carry iPad with them. From my perspective of view, the reason that people love iPad so much lies in the following aspects.

First, it is a tablet computer. Its size is small enough to carry in a handbag and it is very light. Second, it has an attractive appearance, so does the interface. Third, it applies touch screen, which is very easy to operate. Fourth, it has powerful functions. For example, you can experience the web, email, photos, and videos and so on with superiority.

The most common function we use is no doubt the video function. Its beautiful 9.7-inch high-resolution display makes iPad perfect for watching any kind of video: from HD movies and TV shows to podcasts and music videos. However, as it is too thin to have a disc drive in it, we cannot watch DVDs directly on it. This is indeed a pity. Nonetheless, if you want to watch DVD movies on iPad, it is not impossible. I can show you an easy way here.

Since we cannot play DVD on iPad, to watch the movies stored in DVD, we have to convert the movies from DVD video format to iPad MP4 video format. To convert dvd to ipad, we need to use a tool like DVD to iPad Converter. Next I want to take Leawo DVD to iPad Converter as an example to show you the details.

Download the program from its website so that we can follow me better. After you set up the program, you can see there is a brief instruction on its main interface. You can follow it to do the conversion. The four simple steps are: import your DVD by clicking the Add button on the tool bar, edit the video, select an output iPad MP4 video format from Profile drop down list and click the Convert button to convert DVD to iPad.

To be specific, there are four edit functions for you to choose. For example, if there are black edges on your movies, cropping function can help you remove them. And you can trim the unnecessary parts from your movies. You can also adjust the video effect according to your like. You can add an image or text watermark to your movies too.

And there are other functions in this program waiting for your exploration, which I will not list here one by one.

And this converter has a mac version, which can help you convert dvd to ipad for mac. BOLA TANGKAS