An Innovative Alternative Available to Companies Going Out of Business in 2009

As I was surfing the internet searching for accurate companies that have gone out of business for the current year, I happened upon a database for the state of California that holds the data for companies that have plans for a layoff within sixty days.  Some companies were more proactive and I found companies that were making announcements with dates of December 2009.  This certainly allows the employee adequate preparation time for the loss of income.  I read with dismay of employees that arrived to work only to find that their services were no longer needed.  Can you imagine the feeling that your life has just gone down the tubes?  Can you imagine the thoughts of the pressing bills that you already owe or the promises that you have made to creditors?  What can we as a nation do?

As a nation we often go through our daily lives without any thoughts of those who are suffering.  Do we really think of the single mother with four kids and no food?  Do we think about those persons who are affected by this foreclosure crisis?  Do we think about where we as a nation is headed? 

The time has come for us to think about the above referenced questions. Why?  The bottom line is that we are all affected.  More and more of our taxes will be spent with emergency assistance funding and our crime rates are already getting out of control.  As government is more concerned with the global effect of these dire situations, our local communities must come up with a plan to address the current state of the Nation.

We believe that America is now returning to that of a service industry.  Because of time constraints, people are now looking for more personal services and gadgets that can save them precious time.  We are beginning to have a need for lawn technicians, domestic engineers and personal assistants.  I will never forget my amazement, when I – a Southern gal arrived in California and was able to order my groceries online. At a time when everything is now obtainable online, it is only common sense that we must turn our attention to preparing all of America for the internet. 

Newspapers are crumbling, no one is using the phonebook anymore. We now look things up on the internet. When we seek information, we immediately go to Google.  Do not imagine that everyone is computer proficient. As a Healthcare Consultant, one of my primary duties was to assess the computer skills of the employees.  I was shocked as employees handled the mouse like a remote control. I was shocked when I observed a school district employee display limited computer skills.  By virtue of you reading this article, compared with the state of our Nation – you are a computer expert.