An Investigation of Different Types of Access Control Equipment and Their Uses

Having access control equipment is often an important part of securing a building. Whether it is a video entry phone or digital keypad that unlocks a door, many businesses, offices and even private residential accommodation can benefit from this type of equipment. This article is going to look at the different types of access equipment available on the market to see how they work and where they could be used.

One of the most commonly used pieces of access control equipment is the video phone. These are excellent because you can see exactly who is standing on your front door step before opening the door. Elderly people living alone especially can benefit from such a device. With a video entry phone you can ask to see identification via the camera. These are also excellent for blocks of flats or houses with separate apartments so you can see who is at the door without having to come all the way down to open it. You can purchase video entry kits easily and have them installed in any type of home. They are available with colour picture as well as just black and white. You can also purchase straight forward audio entry phones and these work well, however you cannot see the person there nor view identification as there is only audio available. Audio entry kits are cheaper however and cost less to install and operate.

Another type of access control that is often used in the workplace or retail units are proximity card readers. These allow only authorized members of staff or personnel through a particular door. Those who have a valid card can swipe it through the card reader and the door will open. This makes them perfect for businesses and offices who need to consider security and who don’t want the general public being able to access a building or office. They can be used both internally and externally on the front door. A good example of when you might use these is in a shop. There may be access to the warehouse or stock room via the shop floor that you only want to be accessible to members of staff. Furthermore there are models of card reader that keep a record of all activity. That means it notes the number on the card being used to open the door. This takes security levels even further.

It is also possible to purchase a digital keypad device. These can be placed on both internal and external doors and only those who know the PIN can enter. These are most commonly used in offices and retail stores and other places of work. There is no limit to who has access to the door as opposed to the card reader system which will have a limit on the number of cards it can read. Digital keypads however do offer good security and because a PIN number just needs to be remembered, there are no problems with broken cards, invalid cards, forgotten cards or even stolen cards.

There are also a good range of automatic locking devices available on the market, exit buttons that need pushing in order to release a door and break-glass units too. Depending on your needs and your budget will determine what type of access control equipment you choose to buy. There are a good range of all these pieces of equipment and more available online.

Access control equipment is an important part of modern security and every type of workplace and home should consider it for added day to day security. You can buy video door entry kits, electric locks, card readers and even cctv camera kits online where you will find the best selection and prices available.