An Overview of the Weber Genesis Grill

Although it looks easy enough, serving up sumptuous grilled foods can be difficult without the right kind of grill at your disposal. With the Weber Genesis grill, you not only get a utility with power packed features, but also one that is very easy to use.

Although each grill comes with its own distinct features, there are characteristics that they all share. For example, the 3741001 E-310 Propane Gas Weber Genesis Grill incorporates a lot of the elements that are found in other Genesis models. For starters there is the enclosed cart, complete with stainless steel rear panels and handles. With a stainless steel coating, the problem of rust will be eliminated totally.

Like other models of this type, the Grill has a thermometer installed in the system. What makes this feature so useful is that it removes the need for guesswork, and you will know exactly what temperature is being used by the cooking system. Speaking of the cooking system, this particular model has a BTU of 42,000, although some models are slightly higher or lower. There are also three burners added in, which are made of stainless steel.

The Grill utilizes the Crossover Ignition System, which is also built in the other models and types. This electronic apparatus makes it easier to perform adjustments with the burners, which can be hard to do with other grills. Other nice features of this model are the cooking grates, which have been furnished with porcelain and enameled steel. This finish makes it very easy to clean.

Whenever you read reviews you will often see the term Flavorizer Bars used. What these actually do is remove the incidents of flare ups, something that happens quite a lot in other, less well designed grills. Apart from that, these Flavorizer Bars make certain that the juices are allocated to the meats in equal amounts for even taste. Without this feature, the grilled meat (or even vegetables) would lack consistency.

The 3741001 E-310 Propane Gas Weber Genesis Grill has a cooking area of 500 sq in, and the warming rack over 130 sq in. There are of course, varying sizes available depending on the model that you decide to purchase. The bigger ones come in at over 1,000 sq in, but even the portable types have at least 180 sq in, giving you plenty of room to cook while losing none of its portability.

The grill comes with many utilities and extra features including casters, a fuel gauge, a cookbook, work surfaces, tool holders and many more. The extras you get will vary with each product you buy. If these are not enough, you can always buy a few more accessories to enhance your grill.

The grill comes in numerous models and variants, but what they share in common is that they come with all the pertinent features necessary to make grilling a painless and downright enjoyable experience.