Analysis: New Developments Under Way Dairy Companies – Melamine, Dairy Products – Food Industry

Melamine The development of the domestic dairy industry, the event became a turning point in the melamine incident, the domestic dairy industry maintained rapid development has been the trend, melamine incident, the dairy industry developed rapidly in the end there. Once the trade rumors: ten years of development of dairy industry will be devastated up, past the golden period of development will be one to Nevermore.

Forecast is predicted, the fact is a fact. After many efforts, the domestic dairy industry has begun to pick up the recovery, however, enterprises put in milk before the problem is: the future development of the dairy industry which will develop.

In melamine after the incident, no one would think the intensity will pick up dairy so strong recovery in such a short time. Although Dairy The market’s recovery is far back as before the melamine incident, a strong, but at least the dairy industry has already exceeded the impact of the melamine incident.

From several sets of data can take a look at the current operation of the dairy industry. Bureau of Statistics data show that 1-October, the domestic dairy industry output growth up 10.2% year on year growth of liquid dairy industry, 10.6% yield. October liquid dairy products 1.43 million tons, up 46.95 percent; liquid dairies first 10 months of cumulative output 13.5549 million tons, up 10.60% year on year, growth from the previous month and last year had much improvement.

Ministry of Agriculture said that China’s dairy industry is out of the woods, clear recovery trend. Latest statistics show that the recovery trend of China’s dairy industry more than expected, industry sentiment index has regained strength, amount of dairy farming, milk production, Sell Volume continues to improve. The first week in November, 10 major producing provinces the average price of 2.48 yuan / kg for 13 weeks recovery; dairy herds from the beginning in April for 7 months to maintain growth momentum.

In addition, the trade association’s survey data also show that, as of July, consumption of dairy products from the market recovery last year, 50% to 90%. Yield recovery of the consumer market recovery, dairy companies are also starting to turn for the better performance.

2008, the melamine incident, dairy giants Mengniu, Erie , Bright three mass loss, first half of 2009, started to improve the performance of the three, out of the shadow of the melamine incident. In the first half of the filing shows Bright Dairy Achieving revenue 3.852 billion yuan, net profit 45,330,000 yuan, down 67.8%; Mengniu Dairy Income of 12.0976 billion yuan, up 11.71% down, net profit was 661.9 million yuan, up 13.55%; Erie income 12.217 billion yuan, up 6.69%; net profit of 254 million yuan, up 117.57 percent.

Investment adviser in Food Chen Chen, chief researcher at the industry that, from the above data, the dairy industry, pick up the intensity, obviously, with the government, industry, business, consumers are inseparable from the efforts of the parties. Although the production of substantial growth is built on the premise of low base last year, but can at least explain the impact of melamine to the milk has gone.

Restoration of a popular theme this year dairy industry, but behind the recovery of dairy industry is facing new difficulties, the relevant industry, enterprise, market, various issues put before the industry and enterprises. For example, the milk issue, foreign brands, product upgrades, new profit growth point of the problem.

Milk: to lose to the appropriate
First milk problem. Melamine incident had occurred, the key is to milk the problem is not good pass. Melamine incident, the government, industries and enterprises are increasing the attention and investment on the milk. Since 2009, both first-line milk enterprises Mengniu, Yili, or second-line local dairy enterprises Ternary , New Hope, have stepped up investment in milk, which stems from a policy.

2009 7 months, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Dairy Industry Industrial Policy (2009 Amendment)”, requiring the new dairy processing project has been stable and controllable the milk production base the number of milk processing capacity of not less than 40% change BOLA TANGKAS