Analysis: The Domestic And Foreign Scientific Instrument Industry And Its Gap – Domestic And Foreign

Instrumentation Industry has a huge market potential
Present, research and development of scientific instruments and industrial development began to bottom out, and into the rapid development stage. Chinese medical device market, for example, market size in 2000 was 450 billion yuan, 76.0 billion in 2004, is estimated to reach 100 billion yuan in 2010. Jinyuan Shi said, it is worth mentioning that, as China’s steady economic growth, and quickly, “enterprises should become the main scientific and technological innovation,” the implementation of national policy, China Instrumentation Scale of the industry’s annual growth rate of over 20% for four consecutive years.

(2) high-end equipment to foreign control, Made in China, low quality equipment is still gap between the international

CT market in China 80% GE, Siemens, Philips and other international giants divided; ultrasonic instruments, Chinese companies accounted for only one-tenth of the market; testing instruments, Chinese companies accounted for only 4% market share; nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, the Shenzhen Security Branch, Mai Dite Although counterattack, but mostly the lower end products products, they only account for 10% total sales; electrocardiography, foreign enterprises accounted for ninety% market share, which accounted for 80 luxury Monitor%, multi-channel physiological recording Miriam 90%, 60% Sleep Monitor.

Currently, we only in low-grade equipment, high-end equipment is basically held by foreign companies or have come to China to holding, this situation is quite serious, such as the United States Agilent (Aglient) of gas chromatography, it is very shock, because there are a lot of MarketEngineers Aglient work outside, the company has set up the ApplicationLab on the ‘direction’ you need in China. This ‘towards’ Description: China needs to do what I, SARS, coal mine safety inspection, now that the Games of doping detection; Aglient of the gas chromatography, 70% of worldwide sales, it not only to China, how do we deal with this situation is an urgent new task.

(3) well-known foreign enterprises have investment in China, accounting for stock holding
Well-known foreign enterprises have investment in China, accounting for stock holding, such as medical devices in the Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, HP, Roche, Pan Pacific, Siemens, Bayer, Philips, Oxford, Omron Japan, Hitachi, Toshiba Dengjun existence of such circumstances. In Analyzer Device, the first Shanghai Branch and Aglient is fine Cooperation Relations, China is holding 51%, but after opening the Chinese market, through expansion of production, financing, has been Aglient acquisition, Shanghai Jing Division Aglient present value of the shares accounted for 4%. There have been famous

a general analysis of foreign equity participation to a common situation in analytical instruments now many small companies have foreign shares; some foreign business is all-pervasive, not only occupied a number of high-end products, but the actual has been to middle and low grade market, this phenomenon in the instrumentation industry is very serious.

(4) instrumentation components of the problem
The importance of instrument components, is self-evident. China there is still much work to do on the market for CMOS cell phones are all imported, all CCD cameras are also behind the purchase abroad, let alone for the aerial camera’s TD-CCD (TimeDelayCCD ) is produced, we can see the development of China’s weak probe the degree of component.

(5) foreign competition for talent, have established R & D Center in China

The one hand, foreign competition for talent, have established R & D centers in China, this phenomenon is very widespread; the other hand, a group of backbone enterprises of state investment in the development process, are facing a severe situation the loss of technical staff . BOLA TANGKAS