Ancelotti denies Chelsea Drogba will go to Real Madrid youngster leased 2 officially announced

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Predators, as has the transfer, Chelsea are obviously very close to the two summer deserted. Honors last season’s double winners England, it seems that more monetary tightening to Abu reasons. Chelsea have bid farewell to the summer transfer window was Michael Ballack, Juliano Belletti, Joe Cole and other star, added into the team but only Burnett Yonghe Ramirez such a “non-star players.” Western media recently disclosed Real Madrid striker intends to buy blue pillar of Didier Drogba, but Ancelotti then be a firm denial.

La Liga giants Real Madrid this summer, the recruitment of a Dimaliya, Hedi La Jiang Yuan and Ozil other midfield, but up front after they leave no one in the replacement of Raul. So Spanish “Mr. Football” magazine disclosed a week ago, Mourinho Chelsea interested in the recruitment of old unit Drogba news. However, the first two rounds to the game in the Premiership, Drogba has surrendered 3 goals 3 assists and a perfect report card, so that their position in the Chelsea team unshakeable. Real Madrid interested in talking about which rumors of Drogba, the Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti has become quite disdain: “Drogba will join Real Madrid? He had a great time here, enjoy the present moment. We will not sell a player like him to weaken his power. “

With two consecutive 6-0 rout, Carlo Ancelotti and Chelsea still in the honeymoon period continues, and his old club AC Milan, the recent shock in Europe is expected to reach a “potential transaction”, that is, Barcelona striker Ibrahimovic acquisition. Turning to Sweden this summer is expected to return to Serie A’s message, Carlo Ancelotti has not forgotten their pass exposes the history of the year: “Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Milan this summer? In fact, in the summer of 2006 I want to buy him, but the transaction ultimately a miscarriage. I think his ability to outstanding performance in Milan. “

In the second round in the Premier League, Chelsea, in addition to continuous massacre, the maximum light is none other than Manchester City team non upstart. League first round after a 0-0 draw with Tottenham Hotspur, the world has been heavily built evaluation Manchester City merely mediocre, but Roberto Mancini’s team very quickly with a 3-0 victory against Liverpool eye-popping. Although the number one striker has not played the new aid Balotelli, but Ancelotti still prefer the little fellow some evaluation: “He is a very good player, he bought Manchester City is absolutely the right choice. But I never said I would be afraid of him. “

Harding Park after the first two rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea scored 12 goals and losing a ball in the report card is called the terror, the super strength of the starting lineup once again highlight the doubt. But just when the Blues first team making great strides, Ancelotti has been promised to reuse the teenager who began to have fled. Am Beijing time on August 25, Chelsea officially announced the two Slovak teenager Matic and Lal Yanukovich on loan to the team Arnhem Eredivisie season.

In August this year, has attained the age of 22 years of age Matic Division midfield, while defender kicked Lal Yanukovych is only 18 years old. If the line is no longer Matic talented midfield position, then after a Ricardo Carvalho in the away not only did not add the defense, but also leased some of the potential stars to be justified it. When the British media recently disclosed security commander intends to introduce the news Burdisso, the former immediately denied: “Burdisso is my favorite player, but we already have three very high standard defender.”