Angular Cheilitis Causes

Why do people fear the red soreness at the corners of mouth? Simply because it alters facial appearance. The self confidence is lost in minutes once you find your face dotted with red spots, not forgetting its implications on social and family life.

The Angular Cheilitis causes are still being investigated by modern medical sciences and some progress is there. Still the issue of finding a medicine to address Angular Cheilitis causes in a final and comprehensive manner stays unresolved. What disturbs most is a person being infected for no apparent reason. There are frequent cases of persons with good overall health but suffering mouth infections repeatedly.

A better understanding of Angular Cheilitis causes would help to know how to end it with certainty. Following is a list of possible causes;

1. The basic one is the food bacteria needs to flourish and that is moisture. In winter season or under long exposure to sun, the lips get dried enough to necessitate frequent licking of lips. By this natural act bacterium gets a constant supply of food.

2. Our food has a direct relation to the internal immune systems in our body. Human body has an inbuilt natural mechanism to fight bacteria that becomes weak due to poor eating habits. Research says Riboflavin in vitamin B and Anemia in iron bolster immune system to be effective against bacteria.

3. Due to various reasons, mouth closes improperly and a skin pocket develops at the mouth corners where bacteria can hide. These pockets can be of old age wrinkles, a weight gain in the face or because of badly aligned artificial teeth.

Adding green leafy vegetables to the daily meal with some proportion of meat can prevent hazardous bacterial activity. But an already infected mouth needs a cure. Scientific research may still be debating Angular Cheilitis causes and experimenting with various chemicals to kill the bacteria, the solution is already there from an unexpected source; natural herbs.