Anti Aging Foods – Oprah’s Top Tips From the “Secrets of the Blue Zones”

Oprah recently reviewed some of the best anti-aging foods as reviewed by Dr Oz on his analysis of the “Secrets of the Blue Zones” which was a National Geographic piece of reporting conducted by Dan Buettner after more than 7 years of research.

What he uncovered was that there were four places in the world where living to 100 was the norm. Of these four regions, two where said to hold the key to what doctors really new already, except they had not had the opportunity of studying these diets on such a large scale.

Two of these communities were found in Sardinia and Costa Rica. The Costa Rican foods are said to be extremely rich in calcium, mainly due to the fact that they have some of the hardest water in the world. Stacked with minerals and extremely high in calcium, this was the all important ingredient which attributed to their longevity. Calcium relaxes the arteries and is essential for keeping your bones strong.

So many individuals in the U.S are injured in later life by a simple fall or trip which with having brittle bones can be fatal. Yet here in Costa Rica and Sardinia, this is not an issue. The Sardinians also eat extremely rich calcium foods with their staple diet of goats milk and Pecorino cheese. Many men work outdoors well into their hundreds and this is by no a simple stroll.

Many continue there professions of goat herding or farming throughout their life and these low impact professions will build an extremely strong physique as well as a powerful heart. It’s not just the calcium in the foods that doctors argue attributes to this anti aging.

The key they say is in there daily habit of drinking one or two glasses of red wine. Sometimes one for breakfast and one around 6pm. What the essential ingredient is in red wine is not so much the grape, but the grape skin which contains resveratrol, a polyphenol fungi which protects the plant from bacteria.

Unfortunately in the west there is very little ResV in the wine due to pesticide farming techniques, but here in Sardinia what percentage may be found in he U.S is three times as higher here.

Fortunately resveratrol is now sold in the bottle, and each bottle contains 60 capsules which is the equivalent to roughly 1000 bottles of Sardinian red wine so the concentration is obviously high!