Anticipate And Prepare To Survive 2012

The year 2012 has earned a very bad name to a lot of people already. With predictions saying that it is the end of the world, many are already in fear of what may happen by this year. However, this must not be a total cause of alarm. With knowing how to  Survive 2012, you can be certain that nothing unfortunate will happen to you. This is true as well even for people who are just laughing about this prediction.

The Mayan calendar states that 2012 is the end of the world, which they call the happening of the most cataclysmic event. Despite being a myth for a lot of people, many scientists have already researched and supported this. They explain that in the year 2012, the sun, earth, and Milky Way will be aligned together, which will result into the shifting of the North and South Poles to the equator. This event will then lead to floods, volcanic eruptions, storms, and earthquakes that have the power to destroy the world.

With this, whether this is true or not, you must be prepared for what may happen in 2012. The only thing you can do to  Survive 2012 is take note of these following guides:

* Locate the best shelter. It is very important that you know the safest and best places to hide when this time comes. A good shelter for events like this is a stable bunker. Plus, experts suggest that Madagascar, mountains of Turkey, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Spain are the safest places in 2012. This is because these places are known to be free from flood, tsunami, earthquake, and storm. Plus, they are also known to be safe from any kind of nuclear fall-out.

Store necessary things for survival Since no one knows what will exactly happen on this date, store as early as possible all necessary things you might need in order to survive. Prepare foods like rice, grains, lentils, and the like. Try to preserve foods and bring along canned goods. Provide emergency kits and toiletries. And most importantly, bring a lot of water with you for among the others, this is the most vital thing a human will need in order to live long.

Go ahead and also prepare kitchenware, toiletries, emergency kits, generators, matches, and light. If you have a complte stock of all of these, there are higher chances that you can survive this catastrophe.

There is nothing wrong to prepare for the end of the world. It will not harm you even a bit if you try even just one of these things. Whether the prediction is true or not, what matters here is that you can be certain to yourself that you can  Survive 2012. So live confidently now and prepare for the possibility of this scenario.