Antilia ? Feather Is Mukesh Ambani’s Cap

Antilia is the new face of Mumbai and soon we’ll be singing the laurels of the man who gave us the nature of a residence to speak. India is no less a country full of hypocrites.

When we see a man driving a Porsche, we wondered if a politician. We wonder if it has links with the underworld, and one wonders how in the world is so rich. We are curious if you can still click on the images and then all over the Internet to show the world how the rich spend their money.

But think for a moment. Are we different? Should we share our wealth with the poor or how to waste money on luxuries that we need since God knows when. But when someone who can really splurge on their own dreams, we continue to hate that person’s actions and openly discuss a crime to society if nothing else.

From time immemorial, the rich and powerful prejudices have existed in India. The Indian film industry has followed the example of the perception of rich and powerful, so rich as a photographer and a bad bad, as always rich. We film the main character uses rotary broke the efforts to achieve name, fame and fortune.

Bad guys, “Rich” on the road, like the protagonist discovers that smuggle the goods to get rich quickly, when hero slogs at the yard to make ends meet. This image is closely related to Indians in mind, we always seen to interfere with the reel-up in the real world and therefore we can not see the difference.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a man of honor and grace, which has the right to choose how he spends his hard earned money. I am not an employee or a close relationship that Mr. Ambani. I’m just a man who appreciates and respects the constitutional right of expression it offers.

So what if it is an expensive house? Mr. Ambani dependence feeds the stomach of thousands of people who serve in his great empire. Since the value of the second-largest maker of the world is no joke and no one has the right to judge a man of his caliber, and the question of how it spends its money.

The real image will always be hidden, because Indian politicians always get away with their torn from a common man of wealth. Why are their children studying in Britain, when people have decided to rot in hell hole? Why do people who should be targeted at those with a finger.

In a place where people like Kalmadi and Lalit Modi are making news while the common man is being squished under the weight of inflation, corruption and population alike, there exists at least one man who has earned his way to the top rather than simply taking from the poor.