Ao Smith Gas Water Heater Jsq21-a2 Special 2404-ao Smith, Smith Water Heater – Home Appliance

gas water heater Safety has been the concern of consumers, while a considerable number of security risks is not complete because the burning caused. A.O. Smith Gas

Water heater JSQ20-A2 when used to prevent ignition deflagration phenomenon, effectively prevent exhaust emissions, safe and

Environmental protection . After 30 minutes of continuous use, time-out safety device will automatically cut off the gas supply, water heater stops working, to prevent accidents. In addition, products also include a regular shutdown security, (accident) flame protection, 24V weak protection, safety grounding protection, flue blockage safety device, mandatory smoke protection, fire protection failure, gas leak gas valve double insurance, gas overvoltage protection, security protection against lightning, excessive wind pressure safety devices, water filtration and other 30 heavy security.

A.O. Smith gas water heater JSQ20-A2

The other hand, gas water heater will encounter some problems in winter because cold weather, increase the amount of domestic use of gas will lead to insufficient gas supply, pipeline gas pressure was significantly lower. Rapid gas water heater does not work so the water does not heat caused the problem, is the biggest domestic users are experiencing difficulties in order to solve this problem, AO Smith Gas Water Heater JSQ20-A2 by low pressure combustion systems using high-tech microcomputer intelligent control system height limit of gas pressure breakthrough, originality in design and combustion stability at low pressure section (design pressure is JSDQ type of half) to ensure that areas of low pressure in the gas and the normal burning season can always provide you with comfortable hot water. The powerful anti air pressure fluctuations ability inlet pressure can be 0.5 times the required pressure to 1.5 times the range and the output is still very small changes in pressure to maintain stable combustion, fully guaranteed constant supply of hot water durable. Products using fourth gear switch fire, you can flexibly select hot water usage patterns. Different in cold and warm seasons, or the kitchen, bathroom hot water use in different quantities, can be found in the Heart of the model. Comfortable for your hot water at the same time, more convenient and save gas costs.

A.O. Smith gas water heater JSQ20-A2

JSQ20-A2 body uses for shine LCD Display, show the water, work status and fault codes. Clear and soft, not dazzling. Easy to operate, at a glance.

In addition, this water heater with a world-class high-quality motor, always ensure that the water heater and the smooth and efficient combustion state emissions, quieter home life.

Gas Type: Natural Gas Rated gas pressure (Pa): 2000 Rated production capacity of water (kg / min): 10 ( T = 25 )

Ignition: electric pulse continuous ignition Control: After the standard Installation: Indoor Wall Exhaust: After the forced exhaust (blowing type)

Start pressure (MPa): 0.01 Applied pressure (MPa): 0.02-0.8

Power Voltage: AC220V/50Hz Gas: 3 / 4 ” Hot water pipe: 1 / 2 “

Cold water pipe: 1 / 2 “

Temperature Control: 4 switching gas volume

Price: 2404 yuan BOLA TANGKAS