Appetizing Gourmet Foods For Your Man This Holiday Season

It’s getting to that time of year again when we ladies are faced with the ultimate job of shopping for the men in our lives. While we obviously know some of our closest men well enough to choose great gifts for, what do we do for the men in our lives we don’t know too well? I have a friend, my best friend, that I ask every single xmas season what her husband and sons might like for xmas presents. Every year the answer is the same: “I don’t know”. I usually get the same answer from my husband about what xmas presents to buy for his corporate associates. Having struggled with this issue repeatedly over the years, gourmet gifts occurred to me as a possible good solution for this holiday season. Seriously, why not consider appetizing, gourmet xmas foods for your man or the men in your life?

Pleased with this new option for the variety of different men I need to purchase xmas gifts for, I decided to research gourmet foods and found an inspiring list of items to choose from. I also realized that no matter what my own relationship to the men on my xmas list, I could find appropriate gifts for them by choosing gourmet foods. Also, if you don’t get an answer from friends or family about what to buy for some men, just ask them what their men like to eat or drink. That’s a pretty easy question for just about anyone to answer about the men in their lives.

There is actually a very extensive list of options for gourmet foods on the internet. While the search can be overwhelming, take it by category, as I’ve done here, and it will help you focus on down for your appropriate choices for each different man in your life:

Gourmet Entrees:

Is your man a meat lover? Why not get him some delicious steaks? Or filet mignon? How about steak AND lobster? If he’s a a burger kind of guy, why not get him some delicious, gourmet burgers to keep stashed in the freezer?

If he’s a fish lover instead, no problem. Your can get live lobsters shipped right to his door, fresh. Or maybe he’d prefer crabs or shrimp or crab cakes straight from Maryland. How about shrimp lasagna?

You can easily add side items to your chosen entrees like baked potatoes for his steak entree. Many gourmet sites have some very delicious sides to go with their entree specials.

Gourmet Desserts:

If this is a man you truly love, why not finish off his entrée gift with a fabulous dessert? Specialty cakes, pies, cookies, brownie buckets, popcorn, and unique candies are all good possibilities.

Gourmet Snacks:

A good all round gourmet food for your man or the men in your life is gourmet snacks. Nuts, pretzels, specialty candy, popcorn, fruit or fruit and chocolate baskets leave many options to choose from. Special mixed candy/snack baskets with gourmet delights are often a very welcome treat for your man. This can be a particularly good gift for the corporate men in your life.

Gourmet Drinks:

Aside from all the possible liquors, brandies and alcoholic gifts possible as excellent xmas gifts, gourmet coffees are often a welcome extra gift for your special man or a small present for the men you don’t know that well. Why not buy a special coffee mug and include that with some gourmet coffee? Or even a Starbuck’s gift certificate inside that mug. If coffee isn’t his thing, how about some gourmet tea as a surprise?

There is, of course, an added advantage to choosing gourmet gifts for the most special men on your xmas list: you don’t have to cook!


Woah gak nyangka akhirnya kelar juga ngedit PART#03

Asli ini video pertama dengan durasi terpanjang dalam sejarah aku menjadi manusia di dunia per-youtube-an!

Ngeditnya sengsara gak? Jangan tanya dan jangan bayangin deh. Selama ngedit mulut ngunyah mulu.

Terus apa kabar timbangan? Wasalam.

Itu aku keliling ke beberapa market tapi gak semua makanan aku masukin ke dalam video. Aku hanya pilih yang benar-benar oke aja. Kalo aku masukin semuanya, durasi bisa 30 menit lebih.

“Yaaah gapapa kak! Gak usah di edit, gak usah di potong2”

Nanti kalo gak di edit dan gak di potong, kalian bakalan bosen buat nonton ulang lagi.. Dan video yang aku upload kan bakalan aku liat lagi saat jadi nenek2, jadi aku mau semaksimal mungkin ngeditnya.


Pacar aja gak punya. Kejauhan ia’ bayanginnya.

OH! Pertanyaan hampir sejuta umat manusia (alien gak ada yang bertanya)
Selama di Korea pakai bahasa apa?
Kalau kalian bisa bahasa mandarin atau korea, aman lah. Inggris juga oke sih tapi sebagian besar dari mereka gak terlalu ngerti.

Terus kak Ria pakai bahasa apa?


BTW ada yang tau gak lagu di menit 10:13 ??
Aku suka reff nya tapi gak tau siapa yang nyanyi.

Aku sedang berpikir, setelah travel food vlog edisi Korea selesai, apakah kalian akan tetap nonton video aku yang selanjutnya?


alien sedang ngedit part#04