Appliance Industry: “not A Lot Of Water, And In The Channel As”

One industry event description Ministry of Finance announced on April 22 “

Bringing home appliances Operating rules, “audit of the subsidy payment program for major adjustments in the cancellation of 16 provinces and municipalities audit of township finances, the county finance bureau payment links to sales outlets on behalf of the trial, the payment of township finances.

Ministry of Finance noted that the product range as subsidies, participation in rural areas of production and circulation enterprises, the number of farmers to buy such a substantial increase in the short period of time, the more difficult part of coordination, appear throughout the subsidy payment is not timely to reflect, fake

Home Appliances Countryside products and so on.

“Bringing home appliances operating conditions” is intended to simplify home appliances to the countryside subsidy payment audit procedures, and household appliances to the countryside to improve product quality and perfect after-sale

Service And to enhance production and sales supervision and management of enterprises to make specific provisions.

Simplify the payment process audit appliance subsidy to rural areas is the operation of home appliances to the countryside way of major adjustments, divided into three parts: One is in the 16 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities to simplify the subsidy program reform. Lift manufacturers and sales outlets registered shipping link between the relationship of checks and entry to remove audit of township finances, the county finance bureau payment links to sales outlets on behalf of the trial, the payment of township finances. The pilot time to May 1, 2009 to July 31, 2009, the pilot is successful across the country.

The other is not reform areas, still the financial sector review and payment, the original “audit of township finances, the county Finance Bureau to honor” to “audit of township finances, and direct payment.”

The third is whether or not to simplify the process of reform, subsidies, where the network does not sound as banks, sparsely populated and other reasons, the implementation of “Smart Card”, “a break through” difficult way to honor the area, to ensure funds safety cases, innovation subsidy program, to review and advance sales outlets agency subsidies, and then clearing the way with the financial sector. After taking the above simplification, the farmers of the subsidy application within 15 working days, funds must be cash subsidies in place.

Second, the intention is not to promote how many appliances, but rather to establish the basic structure of rural household appliances market

Government to promote the “home appliances to the countryside” event, its significance lies not in how much the sale of home appliances such as Taiwan, the impact of temporary nature, while the government is promoting this event in the process, the basic structure of rural household appliance market and the gradually clear the path, and forming, and that is, “not a lot of water (in the end to the number of units sold), and in the channel as”! Now look, “Water” is not much, but the “channel” has become, afraid not water?

3, should not underestimate “appliances to the countryside” investment sense

We believe that the “home appliances to the countryside” is a piece in any case can not be overemphasized in the event! It listed the meaning of home appliances is expected to open in the rural household appliance market, twice the current market, this new market, home appliance manufacturing industry, the basic pattern formation, the major companies will have a major share of rural household appliance market, this will be the investment value of listed companies a plus. Investors should not only see events in the process “flawed” and should see the excitement left after the “Historical Monuments” … …

WHAT’S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE – Water Edition! (Real Life Challenges)

The whats in the box challenge is a challenge where two people stick their hand into a box to try and guess what the other person put in! Which team will win?! This time we have a new twist where we added water in the box to throw off the two players!

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