“appliance Recall” Is No Longer A Corporate Conscience – Water Heaters, Washing Machines –

” Home Appliances Recall “is no longer a corporate conscience

“Defective Product Recall Management Ordinance,” is expected to be formally promulgated and implemented during the year

Once you find a quality home product defects, may be hazardous to the health, safety, you can challenge the quality supervision departments, manufacturers an obligation to provide you with a Return.

Sources, submitted by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, “Product Recall Management Ordinance China” (Draft), expected to be formally promulgated and implemented during the year. By then, the interests of consumers would be protected by law.

Consumers Look forward to as soon as possible, “recalls Bill,”

Water heater , Electric heating, Refrigerator , Washing machine Security issues such as frequent, but even heard of a certain type of consumer product safety hazards are often the time, it can only be no longer used, or to use extra care when, in the absence of a problem before, can not ask manufacturers obligation to do anything.

No corresponding laws and regulations, voluntary implementation of a “home appliance recall” of business, can only say that conscience. As long as there is no corresponding rules and regulations binding the end of consumers suffer.

Ms. Lee told reporters that her family

Air conditioning On the problems, after-sales staff that this problem is common these models can be free to give her maintenance, while sometimes inconvenient, but still feel good after-market manufacturers. Now know, “recalls Bill,” the news, we strongly recommend its implementation as soon as possible.

Reporter learned from the interview, Ms. Lee encountered this problem consumers do not minority. Almost all of the respondents expressed a common desire, the hope, “recalls Bill,” will be implemented soon so that the rights of consumers to get more legal protection.

Business Recall is the product of market maturity

“Recalls Bill,” the official implementation, what will the impact on business? Is how they look at this issue?

Reporter interviewed TV , Air conditioning, kitchen, living the brand of small electrical appliances market in Shenyang, the responsible person.

A live electrical branch in Shenyang, in the interviewed Mr. Sung said, “appliance recall” in many countries have already been written into the law. We often hear of a foreign appliance models to focus on recall, because the analysis by the company, products such as easily lead to security risks, the consumer loss of personal property or safety, the machine will be ordered to recall failure.

, Who declined to be named national television enterprise of Shenyang branch staff told reporters that the product recall business

Service , Is the company out of conscience and moral considerations. However, if no relevant legal restrictions, out of economic considerations, the firm is not willing to recall the cost.

Representatives of respondents said that good quality assurance in order to better brand.

Product recall is a mature product market, market competition, corporate

Service Raise the level of the inevitable.

“Recalls Bill,” the official implementation, will further protect the interests of consumers.

“Regulations recall defective products,” Interpretation

“Defective Product Recall Management Regulations” provides that the producer is to control and eliminate the main responsibility for product defects, should be the safety of their products for.

“Recalls Bill,” made clear that any production in the PRC, sales of products to fulfill the Ordinance. BOLA TANGKAS