Appliances Consultant To Accompany Purchases To Save Money More Peace Of Mind – Coffee Machine, Home

To buy home appliances, has been the highlight of wedding budget. The face of business great variety of promotional activities, the face of new shopping centers in emerging consumer electronics, domestic appliances how to choose the bed of roses then?

Do not worry, darling, and Huniu through “wedding alliance” have accumulated sufficient experience with you today by They entered the red carpet before, get the satisfaction of home appliances.

Only 2 million, ye one roof all appliances?

In contact with “wedding alliance” before, darling, and Huniu on the purchase of household appliances has been getting whipped.

“Math Decoration , Calculate furniture, the money left to buy appliances less than 20,000 yuan, and to the store and saw a light

TV Have more than 10,000, two

Air conditioning Has more than 5,000 yuan, so doing, light to buy large appliances that not enough money. Plate a kitchen appliances and an array of life

Small appliances A! “Looking back years ago was I panic, darling, and Hu Niu still a little headache now to think of it.

The face of huge wedding appliance market, many stores and appliance store in Zhengzhou have begun a rapid response, to seize the new features of trouble, issued a series of “appliance package.”

In combination Sell The “appliance package”, including a TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other equipment essential home appliances, as well as vacuum cleaners,

Microwave ovens , Coffee machines and other modern small appliances, basically covering all the major electrical household needs.

1 not, five-star help all buttoned

But went to see after, or well you Yeah! And many are high-end appliances complete product portfolio, do not fit their budget. Until a chance, darling, and Hu Niu saw Henan Business Daily’s “wedding alliance.”

“What? A call reporting a name after the purchase of household appliances in the five-star, get to enjoy 1,000 yuan 1,000 yuan to buy the concessions? This is not the province of half the money?” Two people doubtful about the weekend went in five-star Asia shop.

To after the five-star Asian restaurant, which The couple found their choice was right. Because his name has been reported earlier, to get five-star appliance store separate reception consultants, and the whole basis of their budget to help them develop a purchase plan.

“1 less, spent less than 2 million, all buttoned up all the necessary appliances. Appliance consultant gave us a detailed explanation of the common sense and buy household appliances, furniture, appliances with suggestions. Considering we are about decoration, gonna take us a five star ‘home improvement toolbox’

Service Thoughtful and caring! “Huniu overjoyed.

As long as the application “wedding alliance” of the new, will enjoy five-star appliances consultant meticulous Shopping guide service, they will under the new budget for the aesthetic and, as you specify a different home appliance packages. Such as 10 000 to 2 million full range of appliances to meet the young and the basic requirements of practical off; 30 000 ~ 4 million in a full set of appliances to meet the emerging white-collar life, worry-free choice.

About buying appliances, darling Hu Niu said:

Budget for essential For prospective newcomers, the appliances are spending money in the marriage of “Big Head”, in order to make the limited funds to play the greatest value, to purchase the most cost-effective appliance portfolio, we should do in advance of the market well understood, and in accordance with their needs and economic conditions make the budget.

Do a budget, but also the actual situation of their own renovation, the first volume of a good size to choose the right appliances; final to determine the purchase of shopping malls, shopping centers is also important whether the promotions, marketing efforts if the big malls, you can help you save money can also be many giveaways.

Not only purchase expensive to buy on the BOLA TANGKAS