Appliances Tea: Home Appliances Q3 Shown Recovery – Philips, Water Heater – Appliances Industry

Appliances Q3 shown recovery industry profits rose 49.8%

In by Home Appliances Industry prosperity index shows that the third quarter of 2009, the home appliance industry by climate index was 96.7, up 0.4 points sequentially. Appliance industry began to restore growth, industry

Sell Income, profits, production and other major economic indicators and growth in both the previous quarter, “to stock” of showing signs of the end.

Market Fast water heater recently introduced national standards

Including Guangzhou Autran, including eight business modified the “fast thermal

Water heater National standards, “the successful completion of revision, and will be enacted. Rapid thermal

Water Heater There’s a lot of industry “family”, “workshop style” facility or eliminated.

Su Xianze 142 million by the Soviet Union crazy home or out of Supor?

10 26, 27, 28, for three consecutive days,

Supor Chairman Su Xianze suddenly consecutive sell a total of about 142 million shares of Supor shares, cash 28.0648 million yuan. Founder of Su Zengfu in Supor shares of listed companies in succession after the reduction, which is the first time his son Su Xianze join the ranks of holdings.

Then, had previously said it would “stick Supor” the Su Xianze This time “accidents” move, is the Su family to gradually withdraw from Supor’s signal?

Affected batteries Philips TV channels escalation of the crisis

10 23, “Philips home appliances dealer in China face liquidation,” a ripple. Just a few days, there have been all over the country to contact the distributors and journalists, talk to agents of the painful experience of Philips products. Related products have been reported from the

Small appliances Extended battery TV Many other fields.

A dealer also told this reporter, early in November, dealers from all Philips will be held in Beijing, “crusade Philips bully the Chinese agent,” the General Assembly, and discuss strategy for collective rights protection.

Not only the battery and the newspaper had reported the field of small home appliances dealer “Catch a Fire” in the field of consumer electronics, Philips also experienced the pain of the channel.

Products Daily frequency to solve the inconvenience pulsator washing machine dry one listed

Present, with drying function Washing Machine Listed in the country. Frequency pulsator washing machine dry one, to provide consumers with a “quick wash or dry is to wear” convenient.

Pulsator frequency integrated washing machine dry washing machine in the field brings together almost all the high-end technology, fashion, dynamic designs available, can be described as high-end technology areas Washing Machine’s “synthesizer.”

Electric heaters made in China, Argentina launched anti-dumping investigations

I received the Argentine Ministry of Industry and Tourism (formerly the production department) Trade Management and Policy, Deputy Secretary of State on October 23 will be sunshine, Alfonso notice under the State Secretariat for Industry, Trade and SME October 19 No. 2 resolution on the origin of electric heaters in China BOLA TANGKAS