Arched Concrete Water Fountain

Be Cool and don’t take a beating !! Our elegant Concrete Water Fountains will very easily survive mischievous children, rowdy teenagers, reckless visitors and punk vandals. They are created to withstand these battles and to final several years – offering year-round beauty with minimum maintenance. They are constructed of steel reinforced precast concrete using the highest high quality cement, aggregates (stones) and sand. They meet or exceed all market standards for durability and strength. In addition they are obtainable in a variety of appealing earth-tone colors that will blend nicely with our other website amenities such as picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles. They will improve the attractiveness of any outside or indoor facility.

Our Concrete Water Fountains are popular for each indoor and outside places. They offer a clean, filtered, chilled drink of water. Our fountains are in use all over the country and can be found at pools, schools, campuses, parks, patios, campsites, sports arenas, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, indoor and outdoor malls, plazas, offices, theaters and public gardens.

Our Concrete Water Fountains provide maximum strength and durability with minimum upkeep. They are vandal resistant and they have a rustic elegance that blends beautifully in outside and indoor environments. In addition, they are entirely lead-free of charge and the internal parts, such as the brass bubblers, are corrosion free of charge. And the flow regulators are effortless to adjust so that the water stream stays in the bowl. Ultimately, there are numerous models offered to meet any user want.

Today’s water drinking fountain is the outcome of more than one hundred years of development. The very first water fountains obtainable to the public were created in the early 1900s by Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws. They were motivated to offer a protected and sanitary drink of water to the public in massive component since of the death of Halsey W. Taylor’s father from contaminated water. As the water fountain became more common in the lives of the individuals there was a demand for chilled water. This led 1st to ice-cooled water fountains and then ammonia refrigerated water fountains. Later in the 1950s, wall-mounted water fountains had been created for use in public schools, hospitals and other buildings with higher site visitors. In the 1960s the business recognized that physically challenged individuals had difficulty acquiring a drink of water from water fountains. Therefore, laws and styles changed to make water fountains accessible to all individuals. Added developments have been produced to supply a drink of water as contamination-free as attainable. Efforts had been produced to get rid of all lead and other metal contaminates from the water.

All of our concrete water fountains meet the federal regulations established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They meet state and federalhandicapped needs when installed in accordance with the clearances defined by the ADA. In addition our concrete water fountains are considered “lead free” as determined by all recognized definitions which includes ANSI/NSF Common 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65 and the Federal Secure Drinking Water Act. Our concrete water fountains are accessible for the handicap. There is lots of knee clearance for people in wheelchairs and an effortless front push button. There are a quantity of accessible choices such as concrete or chrome bowls, side faucet, freeze proof valve and tamper resistant concrete bubbler guard. In addition these fountains include a drain tail piece and bubbler valve for plumbing connections. The design and style of the access panel makes installation less difficult for the purchaser.

Our concrete water fountains are not only weatherproof, vandalism resistant and handicap accessible, but they are also accessible in a number of styles like pedestal mount, barrier-free pedestal and wall mount. Our color choices will permit a complimentary match with any décor. And all of our water fountains are manufactured with lead-free of charge components and components.