Are Guitar Trick Lessons Really Worth It? Review of Guitar Tricks & JamPlay Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks:

Guitar Tricks was started 12 years ago by Guitarist/Tutor Jon Broderick. Which ultimately became the most reliable and comprehensive online guitar courses to offer the most cheapest monthly subscription of $ 14.95 with 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days.

Some Benefits of Joining Guitar Tricks:

You can opt for the Basic Membership that is FREE where you can try out 24 lessons taught by 12 instructors
You get to learn from more than 1500 lessons from 45 expert guitar tutors in the Full Access Subscription which is only $ 14.95/Month. The lessons are time tested and refined.
HD quality Video Guitar Lessons that can be viewed in 2 formats – Low and High Resolution, to suit different Internet access speeds.
You are able to choose the lesson type based on your favorite guitarist, guitar instructor or the musical style of your choice
You can choose from different lesson formats – from short riff lessons to full blown lessons.
Guitar Tricks can take you from a complete beginner level to an advanced and seasoned guitar player.

I have mentioned just few of the benefits of joining Guitar Tricks. The best part of Guitar Tricks Guitar Lessons is that the basic free membership that they offer with 24 FREE lessons.


JamPlay is an Online Guitar Course that offers extremely high quality video guitar lessons in three different video sizes and shot in different angles to give you the best video learning experience. And there is no one to beat the video quality of the guitar lessons offered at JamPlay.

Some Benefits of Joining JamPlay:

Over 379 hrs of HD quality Video Guitar Lessons taught by 36 Professional Guitar Tutors for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level players. Their Beginner and Intermediate level guitar lessons are really superior to any other guitar course.
You can check out the Free Guitar Lessons offered before joining.
JamPlay offers 12+ hours of Live Web cam tuition every week
Highly supportive forums where you can get your queries answered from your peers or instructors
100% unconditional money back guarantee for 60 Days.
Only costs $ 19.95/Month.

JamPlay provides the option of downloading and printing all that you have learned online for future references. Their Genre based lessons are really worth it.


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