Are Pay-As-You-Go Cell Phones Worth It?

There are a ton of commercials on tv advertising the distinct cell telephone firms and their plans for prepaid_cell_phone_250x251consumers. But a paid, monthly contract phone plan could not be the correct kind of telephone strategy for you and your price range. It genuinely depends on your usage and private preference.

In lieu of a month-to-month contract telephone program, you have the choice to have rather a prepaid cell phone. With the prepaid phones, you are not locked into a 1 or 2 year service plan and do not face obtaining to pay hundreds of dollars in penalties and costs should you choose to switch to a distinct prepaid telephone. The spend-as-you go program permits you to prepay for the minutes you expect to use on your phone and then the quantity of minutes actually utilized will be deducted from your account. With contract plans you might have the alternative to rollover these unused minutes but primarily you are paying for the minutes no matter whether you use them or not.

Given that a lot of monthly contract phone service gives generally require a credit check prior to opening a phone account, these with bad or no credit histories could opt to use a prepaid phone instead, which requires no credit verify. The pay-as-you-go telephone program can also be a far better option for your price range as you can set the quantity of money you can afford to pay every month, rather of facing a high monthly bill you may not be capable to pay off each and every month.

There are numerous different options accessible for prepaid telephone plans. Citing two examples here, we will discuss the popular Tracphone and Net 10 prepaid phones.


Tracphone boots to be the leader in prepaid wireless service in the US. They offer numerous worth plans, exactly where you can purchase minutes for a flat rate fee each and every month. Text messaging is offered on the phones. You can also add bundles of minutes at any time you are running low. Brand name phones are available starting at $ 14.99. If you currently had a cell phone number, you can transfer your old number to your new Tracphone. You can activate and refresh minutes online or via the phone.

Net 10

The Net ten prepaid phones charge $ .ten a minute for all calls (regional, ling distance, and roaming nationwide). The price of the actual telephone ranges from $ 19.99 to $ 59.99 and consists of a lot of of the well-known brand named models (LG, Motorola, Nokia) in a pick group of types. Phones have text messaging capabilities, which expense the sender $ .05 per message. Users prepay funds to activate and use the phone. Net 10 gives four inclusive programs, exactly where customers pay a flat-fee to access distinct amounts of prepaid minutes. You can get 150-400 minutes for a flat rate charge or you can pay for the Net10 Unlimited program that offers you unlimited calling and texting for a flat rate a month. (Note: The Unlimited program is not accessible in all areas.) Whenever you require to replenish minutes, you can log on to the Net 10 internet site or call the toll totally free quantity.

If you have been operating on your budget and want to locate some locations exactly where you can reduce costs, compare how several minutes you in fact use on your cell telephone every single month and see if it may be a lot more financially smart to switch to a prepaid wireless program than it would be to continue renewing your month-to-month contract with your present provider. Just don’t forget, only make the switch at renewal time or you can anticipate to spend upwards of $ 200-$ 300 to break your contract.