Are You Conscious Of ‘Crash For Cash’ Motor Insurance coverage Fraudsters?

Are you aware of the number of ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters in the UK? The quantity may have observed a slight reduction as the Insurance Fraud Bureau are implementing additional measures and maintaining a close eye on repeat offenders.

Several fully innocent folks are undoubtedly totally unaware that there are even such folks in existence and it is not till they become a ‘crash for cash’ statistic that it is brought very sharply to their consideration.

Normally these insurance fraudsters will target older drivers or females drivers who are less probably to place up any resistance when involved in an accident. This is not becoming sexist or ageist, it is merely pointing out that these two groups of people are the most probably to be affected.

The fraudsters will almost constantly be driving an older automobile and they do not function alone as claims for injuries to passengers tends to make the scam far more lucrative. One of the largest ploys employed is at roundabouts exactly where the driver will gesture for the innocent particular person to move forward and then deliberately drive into them, of course denying they produced any sort of indication whatsoever. Furthermore they will also have the passengers to back up their story.

With the potential of being awarded thousands of pounds in private injury claims these fraudsters are oblivious to the influence such accidents can have on innocent people’s lives and overall health. The gangs will have the most standard insurance, which is third party only in the UK, and will try and claim as much as they possibly can out of a single ‘accident’ from each their own and the third parties insurance coverage.

Some will arguably say that it has turn into a extremely sad state of affairs with folks providing no consideration or remorse for their actions. Insurance for automobiles is expensive enough for most people and however all the while these incidents carry on, combined with the number of individuals who fail to have any insurance coverage at all the expense of premiums is far a lot more probably to continue to rise rather than fall.

It would be smart to be quite conscious of the techniques utilised and above make positive you comply with the terms and circumstances of your insurance policy by never ever admitting liability, which is one of the major accusations which will be implied by the fraudsters.

Always telephone the police, even for the most minor of shunts and appear for independent witnesses to substantiate your side of the story, as this will usually put the fraudsters in a turmoil, especially if they are know to the police and Insurance coverage Fraud Bureau. In no way provide to pay cash for any auto repairs, such as replacement bumpers or headlights, to the other persons car as a way of safeguarding your no claims bonuses, due to the fact after you have created the offer it indicates you are accepting liability!

Comply with the needs of reporting accidents and incidents which are laid out in the schedule of your motor insurance coverage policy, and remember above anything else not to accept liability, for any type of accident you are involved with.
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