Are You Going Bald? There Are 4 Ways to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness

Male baldness pattern is the source of much embarrassment to men. It causes many men to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Extreme hair loss and thinning hair makes its victims look older than they really are, and often ruins their self-esteem.

Why do some men get that huge bald patch on top of their head while others don’t? It’s a trait that is genetically inherited. Although there are other causes of baldness, it is almost always due to this culprit: DHT. DHT Dihydrotestosterone) is derived from the male hormone, “Androgen”. Androgen in the bloodstream interacts with a certain enzyme (5-alpha reductase) and gets converted into DHT. Short version: Androgen + 5-Alpha = DHT.

DHT is the hair follicle “strangler”. When there is enough of it in the bloodstream, it will bind to the lining of the hair follicles, choking out the hairs’ growth. Not suddenly. At first, the hairs grow thinner because of the condition of the constricted follicles. Eventually, no hair at all emerges from the follicles.


– Surgery
– The use of topical products
– Proper diet
– Dietary supplements


Surgery is a very effective and quick solution. It is also a very expensive one. With this procedure, healthy hair follicles from the back of neck are removed and transplanted into the balding area.

Topical Products

Topical products are applied directly to your scalp. The strategy here is to rid your hair follicles of DHT. This is very effective, and a more affordable method than surgery.

Proper Diet

Our modern American diet is devoid of many important vitamins and minerals. Some of the vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth include: A; B; C; E; iron; zinc; iodine; and trace mineral silica.

Dietary Supplements

Because so many important vitamins and minerals are missing from the foods we eat, supplements are very beneficial. You can get supplements that include all the vitamins listed above, plus other DHT inhibitors. While topical remedies help rid the hair follicles of DHT, supplements work within the blood. These function as DHT blockers, preventing its formation.

There are three dietary supplements you can get without a doctor’s prescription, that act as DHT blockers:

*Saw Palmetto
*Nettle Root
*Dong Quai
*Pumpkin Seed

If you suspect that your baldness is caused by disease, see your doctor. If not, then by all means avail yourself of the solutions listed above. If your hair loss is caused by DHT, there is great hope for you! The information listed above is not medical advice. Rather, it is meant to increase the reader’s awareness of potential health care alternatives. For medical attention, advice, diagnosis and treatments, see your qualified health-care professional.