Are You Using These Hold Em Sit N Go Tournament Tips?

Think about all the times you played a Hold Em Sit N Go tournament and didn’t make it to the money. You lost a bunch of time and the tournament entry fee. Imagine if you had of won each and every one of these, or even if you had just gotten to the money and made back the initial entry fee. What would you bankroll look like if that had of happened?

Hold Em Sit N Go Tournament Tip #1

The first thing to do is play the SNG that fits best within your monetary means. That is, your bankroll needs to be able to support it. The general rule is your bankroll should be 40 times the entrance fee.

Playing too costly SNG’s is a recipe for disaster because you can’t guarantee you will win every one and you need to account for drops in bankroll. You need enough ‘fat’ to support and down periods.

Hold Em Sit N Go Tournament Tip #2

The second thing to do is ensure you are playing a SNG that is appropriate for your skill level. That is, not too high and not too low. Usually the cost of the SNG will depict the level of ability of the players.

Cheap SNG’s can be frustratingly full of newbies and not worth your time if you are a half-good poker player. Of course too expensive and you will be out of your depth getting completely owned by pros.

Hold Em Sit N Go Tournament Tip #3

The third tip for successfully winning SNG’s is to utilize the tournament information panel of your poker software or site. This gives you quick information including:

– Start time of tourney
– Length/time played already
– Current blind level
– Time until blinds raise
– Time until next break
– Players left in tourney
– All player stack sizes (very important)

This is invaluable information you should be using to maximize your success in your SNG.