Art is more than just a method of self expression for an artist

Art is more than just a method of self expression for an artist. Art is considered as something to be worshipped by lots of people. Art can express just too many feeling, so many that it would be considered an act of stupidity to count the number of feelings. Art helps anyone and everyone to choose what they want to do, to break away from tradition or to commemorate tradition in his or her own way. Art gives you the scope to be yourself in a world where everyone has to where a mask to survive. Art is not just the use of colors on a blank space. It is any sort of act of creativeness or innovation that shines out of a person. Art is a strong binding force which binds all traditions and cultures from around the world. Everyone can relate to some form of art or the other.

A good piece of art work can be extremely inspiring for people, so much so that it can mould a person into someone who has be completely transformed emotionally or characteristically. Contemporary art is not just art that is being produced in the present day but it is art that has been around since after the Second World War. This sort of art has been around from the nineteen fifties till today. Some examples are New York School, Bay Area Figurative Movement, American Figurative Expressionism, Neo Dada, Performance Art, Pattern and Decoration, Pop Art, Funk Art, Live Art, Culture Jamming, New European Painting, Young British Artists, New Media Art, Digital Art, Classical Realism and Virtual Art.

Contemporary art is becoming more and more popular every day, so much so that contemporary art exhibitions are very frequently held in all parts of the world. Contemporary art in China has also become very popular across the world. Artists like Zhang Wang and Yang Qian are very popular in almost every country in the world. Their works are highly recognized. Zhang Wang is considered an artist because of his beautiful and soulful photography that speak volumes for themselves. Yang Qian promoted the thoughts of cleanliness in turn godliness, in his paintings. They depict the sacred and profane nature of love; hence they represent the good and the evil. The themes of western art and Christian iconography are used heavily by Yang Qian in his paintings.

Thus what we understand is that contemporary art though is sometimes opposed by those who believe in the old school forms of art, is a mode of self expression like no other. This type of art has lead many artists to find their true potentials in this field and gain immense amount of world wide popularity. Both artists and their respective audience can connect to each other and thus such pieces of art work connect the whole world together, creating a sense of oneness among different people from various and diverse traditional and cultural backgrounds. A person, whether an artist or not always has inert creative qualities and art which is also considered a form of meditation, brings peace to many people.