Article Spinning: Best Article Submission Method

Article selling has been a popular and efficient method of link building for years now. While it is still a accepted technique of promoting, traditional way of submitting pages has lost its effectiveness to a great extent recently. Ever since Google started removing duplicate article articles state its index, submitting the matching article to 1000’s of article directories now provide lot less backlinks than it used to once.

If you are still a big fan of mass article submission, no worries as it still works a little. You just have to submit lot more articles than before. Or you can utilize the best article submission approach that is definitely spin and submit.

You in essence take one original article and spin the article for variations. You can assign synonyms to words and phrases within your article and change as many words or phrases as possible. This process is enormously time consuming but takes lot less time than writing a fresh article.

There are tools available to help you with this process but no tool can do what a human can do. If you are spinning your article with a tool, it will not be human readable and your site will lose credibility. It is wise to do the article spinning manually.

You can write, spin, and submit your own web pages one by one or to similar time, you can subcontract your writing, spinning, and submission job to a link building service provider who can do all under one package. If you are a serious online marketer and have multiple projects to manage, it is wise to utilize this best article submission method by outsourcing. Just look a little about the link building service give in question whom you are considering to outsource as not all can do this accurate. Hiring the wrong individual or company can do more harm than good so you cannot be careful enough.