Article Submission Best Practice: How to Create and Distribute

Article submission is a magnificent way to pile up some good quality backlinks to the website. There are hundreds of article sites out there where you may distribute to. Apart from the article sites, there are boat load of blogs that are hungry for free content. You just about just feed their hunger and grab some backlinks for your website.

You really need an article to distribute. How it works is you write an article according to the subject you want to advertise, add 2 or in some cases 3 links in the content area, and then just submit the article to as loads of article directories you might find. You may just keep writing articles and keep distributing to all those endless list of directories and blogs. In return, you get a lot of backlinks. Its like never ending link building machine.

While the portrait looks so vivid, its not that pretty in actual life It is very labor intensive to write dozens of articles, and for competitive projects, hundreds of articles. Not only just write them but submitting each one of them yourself to thousands of sites. Since more you submit the more links you get, and at the same time superior your search engine ranking will be, it is actually a very good idea to outsource to some article submission service provider. By outsourcing, you grab the result you want lot faster and at the same time, you shift your laborous work on someone else’s shoulder. There are loads of good deals out there and if you find one of them, you may have your article submitted to many hundred article directories for a measly fees.

If you are to write a few articles yourself, then there are some guidelines you follow to make your article properly SEO optimized. It is important that you use your primary keyword in the article title. Use of the primary keyword along with a few generic words would make the best SEO optimized title. You have to use your primary keyword once in the first paragraph and once every 100-150 words after that throughout the article body. If yuo may add couple of subtitles in between using the keywords, then thats even superior. A properly SEO-ed article would provide good quality relevant backlink to your site which will help yuo rank better in the long run.

During the process of article submission, your main goal will be to distribute to as numerous relevant directories and blogs. Once you collected all the relevant sites and directories you found, you then collect the list of as loads of place you can distribute yourself. Directories are categorized so you might pick the category you want to submit under.

Once you have written a few articles and actually did a few submissions yourself, you will have a good idea about the time it takes to write and submit. You can only distribute a certain number of sites by yourself but if you outsource to an article submission service provider, you may grab lot more submitted. If you are not sure, keep doing it yourself till you figure out but do it. Cause this is one link building method you don’t want to pass on.