Artists And Writers Work Together And Make Your Significance Again

An artist was once an accomplished expert engaged in composing images for publication. An author, also a valued expert, would create a work to publish in cooperation with the illustrator. Even though it took some practice and expertise to become an illustrator, it could be accomplished via determination and ingenuity.

This post is primarily for professional internet writers and illustrators (or people that seek to be).

The internet has modified the game, though. While motivation and ingenuity are still essential ingredients to these occupations, a variety of issues and trends have devalued both writers and artists. Here are some current technological trends responsible for this change:

1: Blogging — Everyone that has a keyboard and an internet connection is an author.

2: Stock images — Every person that has a computer system and design software can be an artist.

See the problem? Add to this the apparent matters of plagiarism, abusive inspiration, and so forth, which are far more common with the internet than anywhere else, and there you have it…the destruction of two very ancient and esteemed roles.

Still, something hasn’t changed: The visual connection between writing and illustration, and also the need for both artist and illustrator to come together to express a subject.

Here are some things artists and writers can do to add value to what they publish:


1: Get independent. Stop submitting your illustrations and clip art to stock image giants who will devour the bulk of your income, leaving you with only a tiny commission. Crank out a web site with a stock image model similar to the other mainstream web sites and advertise according to your niche.

2. Know your customers. Engage with them. Work with them. Much like #1, get independent and do your own public relations. Its much easier than you think. If the buyer knows you, they will value you more than if they acquire your “clip art” for a cheap amount on some huge internet site.


1: Have to illustrate your articles? Quit buying illustrations from stock photo giants. Seek out artists to collaborate with for your article. Possibly they might presently have the clip art you are seeking, or they can make it for you. Money does not necessarily have to change hands…the illustrator might merely need some backlinks to his internet site! In that scenario, no doubt he could exchange his/her work for your advertising.

2: Know your illustrator. Much like you, his abilities didn’t come over night, and they are not of low value. Do different projects together, and get a synergy going. It will be a lot more satisfying, effective, and valuable to your material and progress.

Lately art and writing go jointly as they always have, but the value can be maintained simply by altering one’s technique. I hope this write-up inspires people today to take their strategy and marketing much more seriously giving more worth to their career. BOLA TANGKAS
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